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Neurophysiological and Evolutionary Theories Presentation

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400 word paper in which you analyze the neurophysiological and evolutionary theories. Address the following items:

•Discuss the contributions that Donald O. Hebb and Robert C. Bolles made to the field of learning and cognition.

•Describe the models associated with Hebb and Bolles.

•Provide a framework for the theoretical concepts associated with those models.

•Analyze the modern-day relevancy of the models, such as in media advertisements or education.

Include at least three references

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Language xxx Cognition

xxxxxx NAME

YOUR xxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxx LANGUAGE AND xxxxxxxxx





xxxxxxxx xxx Cognition

Even xxxxxx xxxxx are disagreements among xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx relationship is xxxxxxx language xxx cognition, xxxxx xx one xxxx in xxxxx xxxxxxx xx agree, xxxx area xxxxx the xxxx that language and cognition are xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx experts xxx non-experts xxx agree on xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx plays in xxx daily xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx the relationship xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx society xx be able xx better xxx and xxxxxxx xxx’s language. There xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx regarding the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx theory is that xxxxxxxx develops, for xxx xxxx part, xxxxxxxxxxx xx cognition. xxx xxxxxx theory is xxxx cognition influences xxxx language xxx the pace of xxxxxxxx development. The xxxxx xxxxxx xx that language actually xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx

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