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Explain what makes a selection method effective and discuss the concepts of reliability, validity, utility, and legality in your response.

• If there were two equally suited candidates for a position, describe how you would approach the selection of one over the other.

identify the steps or methods the company employs to ensure that high-quality employees are retained.

• Select two dimensions of job satisfaction. Give examples of how these may or may not contribute to retaining employees.

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i have developed the ideas.

body preview (34 words)

xxx xxxx have to do an xxxxxx on xxxx xxx also xx these answers are bought xx many. xx the xxxx class students xxx xxxx assignmnet.
xxx ideas xxx xxxxx xxxx can be xxxxxxxxx

file1.docx preview (742 words)

xxxxxxx xxxx makes x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx effective xxx discuss xxx concepts xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx legality xx your response.

Selection xx xxx process xx using xxx right xxxxxx xxx the xxx in xx organization.

Selection xxx be effective if xx balance

xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx match xx individual’s abilities xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx demands of x xxxxxxxx xxxx

Organization-based fit xx xxxxxxxxx with xxx xxxx xxx individual’x characteristics match the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx the xxxx

xxxxxxx xx reliability

Reliability xx xxx xxxxxx to xxxxx x xxxxxxx xx physical traits is xxxx from xxxxxx xxxxxx If a xxxxxxx of x xxxxxx characteristic xx reliable, xxx xxxxx x person xxxxxxxx will xx consistent over time and xxxx different xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx is concerned

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