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Need help with 2 pages worth of methods section.

Design an experiment. Consider your resources (i.e. time, money, research assistants) unlimited. Your experiment should identify a group of individuals with a common behavioral problem or at risk for a problem. Your IV may be an experimental variable (i.e. a course of treatment; method of education) or your IV may be a subject variable (i.e., those who live on campus vs. those who live off campus; the difference between men and women). Remember, the goal of your research is to describe, explain, predict or control behavior. Explain all methods. Use ONLY operational definitions. Remember the purpose of the Methods section is to give the reader enough information to accurately replicate your study without giving excessive, nonessential detail regarding your design. You may use a maximum of 2 references in this section, and a minimum of zero.

I want the methods section to be based on Asian College Students and Depression. I would prefer to have the therapies to be individual therapy, Group therapy, and family therapy. It needs to be in APA format!

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Case xxxxx xx depression among xxxxxxx students xx xxxx

Depression xx a xxxx common problem among xxxxxxxx in college. This xx mainly xxx to xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx attributed to x xxxxxx xx issues. xxxxxxxxxx may xxxx be xx x result of xxxxxxx problems xxxx xx xxxxxxxx conditions and if xxxx xxxxxxxxx could lead to suicidal tendencies xx xxxxx complications xxxx may xx xx x xxxxxx of a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx state. x depressed xxxxxx usually xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx may xxx be xxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Some of these xxxxxxxx include withdrawal xxx suicide xxxxxxxxx This xxxxx xxxx show an experiment carried xxx and the xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx on the causes xxx xxxxxxxx xxx depression in xxxxx colleges.


Interviews xxxx xxxxxxx out xx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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