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Submitted by misank on Wed, 2012-05-02 14:27
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In the month of June, Bonita Beauty Salon gave

In the month of June, Bonita Beauty Salon gave

Submitted by shahimermaid on Wed, 2012-05-02 16:58
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E22-5, xxxxxxx contribution xxxxxxx break-even xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx

In the month xx June, Bonita xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx haircuts, shampoos, xxx permanents xx an xxxxxxx price xx $30. xxxxxx the xxxxxx fixed xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx variable xxxxx xxxx
xxx xx xxxxxx
xxxxxx Determine the xxxxxxxxxxxx margin in xxxxxxxx
Total xxxxx $81,000
Per xxxx xxxxx =81000/2700 x xxx
Variable Cost 56,700
Contribution margin in dollars xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx margin as a ratio.
Contribution xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx Given x xxxx
Per unit Contribution margin =9
xxxxxx Using xxx contribution margin xxxxxxxxxx compute the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx in dollars.
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx dollars): Amount = xxxxxxx
xxxxxx Using xxx contribution margin xxxxxxxxxx compute xxx xxxxxxxxx point xx units.
xxxxxxxxx sales xxx units): Amount x total fixed cost/ xxx unit Contribution margin= 18,000/9=
2000 units
(c)(1) Compute the margin xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx
Margin of safety xxx xxxxxxxxx total sales - break xxxx sales x xxxxxx – xxxx x xx =81000 = 60,000=$21,000
(c)(2) xxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx xxxxxx as x ratio. xxxxxxxx to a xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Margin of xxxxxx xxxxxxxx Margin of xxxxxx xxxxx x (expected xxxxx - breakeven xxxxxx / breakeven xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

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