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IP for HIST102

Modern American History

2 - 3 pages


In 1972, there was a break-in at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate Office Complex. Thus began a series of events that would shake the public’s confidence in its most visible symbol of American authority and prestige: the presidency.

This is a Three part assignment:

PART ONE: Discuss ONE of the following events surrounding the break-in:

  • When did the break-in occur?
  • How was Nixon connected to the break-in?
  • Which top aides resigned and why?
  • When Nixon resigned, who took over as President?

PART TWO: The presence of a White House taping system was discovered.

  • Discuss the events surrounding the discovery of the tapes and the issues involved in trying to get the tapes.
  • What is the "18 1/2 minutes of silence"?

PART THREE: Include ONE of the following personalities in your discussion and discuss their involvement (see list). You are to incorporate persons from part three, into your discussions of parts one and two.

  • Richard M. Nixon and his resignation
  • Gerald Ford’s pardoning of Richard Nixon (not connected with the break-in but important in the context)
  • H. R. Haldeman
  • John Ehrlichman
  • Attorney General Richard Kleindienst
  • Archibald Cox
  • Howard Hunt
  • Chuck Colson
  • G. Gordon Liddy
  • John Dean
  • John Mitchell
  • James McCord
  • Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
  • Mark Felt
  • Deep Throat 
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Modern American History

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xxxxxxxx xx xxx Democratic National Committee’s




xxxxx xxxx

In august 1974, xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx he xxx xxxxx to xxxxxx xxxx xxx office. xxxxxxxxx his resignation, vice president xxxxxx Ford took over as the xxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx a xxxx xxxxx of xxxxx term. xxx resignation was xx x xxxxxx of xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx debate about Watergate xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx bowed xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx leaders from his ruling party xxx he became xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx from office xxxxxxx 2003).

Second xxxx

xxx tape xxx xxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx Wills. While the guard was going round at xxx Watergate hotel xx the xxxxxxx xx xxxx 17, 1972, he xxxx across a door situated between xxx basement stairwell and the garage xxx parking vehicles xxxx xxx xxxxx prevented xxxx xxxxxxxx xx x tape xxxxxxx xxxxxx The xxxxx xxxxxxx the tape and xxxxxxxxx xxxx his xxxxx xxxxx on when he xxxxxxxx to xxx same xxxxx xx

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