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Minitab questions with statistics #4

I have attached the information here.

I can't find the PDF on it, but here is a power point.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Mon, 2012-03-26 02:33
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answer for Q1 & 2

body preview (18 words)

x xxxx your book for doing xxx question, xx seems confusing. xx xx xxxx xxx square chapter xxxxx

file1.docx preview (509 words)

xxx xxxx – [STATISTICS]

xxxxxxxxxx 4

INSTRUCTIONS: . xxx total number xx points possible xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx that xxxxx allocation xxxxxx per question. Use the Help feature xx MINITAB xx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxx data sets xx that xxx xxx make xxxxxxxxxx comments.

[10 xxxxxxx Use xxx xxxx xxx MBASURVEY.MTWin xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxx Chi Square test for independence to determine xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx Degree xxx related. Use xx = 0.05.Explain your results.

xxx xxxxxx xxx Highest xxxxxx xxx independent xx xxxx xxxxx

H1: xxxxxx and Highest Degree xxx xxxxxxx to each xxxxx

Results for: MBASurvey.MTW

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Rows: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Missing All

Female x 2 0 10

8.08 1.92 * 10.00

xxxxxxxxx 0.0030769 * x

Male xx x x xx

xxxxx 3.08 x 16.00

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx * x

All 21 5 x 26

21.00 5.00 * xxxxx

x x * *

Cell xxxxxxxxx Count

Expected xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx to Chi-square

Pearson xxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxx xx x 1, P-Value = xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx Ratio Chi-Square = 0.006, xx = xx P-Value = 0.937

* NOTE x 2 xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx than 5

xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx is a xxxxx xxxxxx test.

- - - more text follows - - -

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