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Submitted by Hawthorn62 on Sat, 2013-08-24 22:55
due on Wed, 2013-08-28 22:53
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Marks: 1 How would you teach the form ‘(be) going to + infinitive’ used for future plans to a pre-intermediate class?Outline your lesson plan using the following headings as a guideline. Warmer / Lead in Presentation (in a suitable context) and drill

Submitted by HappyFace on Sun, 2013-08-25 03:07
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Depending on xxx xxxx xx the student xxx xxx availability of xxx teacher, xx xx xxxxxxxxx to note xxxx the xxxxx bilingual person can read, xxxxxx xxxxx and speak xxx xxxxxxxx particularly if xxx xxxxxx xxxxx to xx xx xxxxxxx If xxx student xxxxx only to learn xxxxxxxxxxxx xx he xx she can converse xx English at the xxxxxx club, then reading and writing may not be xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx the person is xxxxxx xx the U.S., reading xx xxxxxxxxxx at xxx xxxxxxx store, xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx in legal matters. Writing xxx be xxxxxxxxx on the xxxx xx get a job, or xx xxxx out x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxx - do xxx four.

xxxxxxxxxx xx the key xx learning, xxxxxxxxxx xxxx lower xxxxx language xxxxxxxxx Although it seems boring xx xxx English teacher xx say, xx am x xxx xxx - xx is …" xxx xxxxxxx finds xxxxxxx xx xxxx repetition. Set xxx a xxxx xx teach a xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxx in a set amount of time.

xx the instructor xx more xxxxxxxx he xx xxx should xxxxxxxx themselves with

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Tim Kay on Mon, 2013-08-26 12:03
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xxxxxx Titlex What xxx xxx xxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxx with xxx xxxx‘xxxx xxxxx to + infinitive’).

Timex ………xx

xxxxx The class will xxxxx xxx xxxx ‘(be) xxxxx xx x infinitive’ xx be xxxx xx describe xxxx they xxx going to do.


The xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx the xxxx ‘(be) xxxxx to + infinitive’ xxx xxxxx future plans

The xxxxxxxx xxxx communicate xxxxx xxxxx wishes

The students xxxx xxx xxx learned xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx


xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx form ‘xxxx going to x xxxxxxxxxx’.

Some xxxxxx xxxx xxx verbs and grammar xxxx to xxx students

A short xxxxx about activities with the xxxx ‘xxxx xxxxx xx + infinitive’x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx going to xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx procedures:

xx illustrate the form, x’xx xxxxxxx this xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx presentation projected xx to the xxxxx

x xx going xx xxxx

xxx are xxxxx to xxxx

xx is xxxxx to play

xxx xx going xx play

We xxx going to xxxx

They xxx xxxxx to xxxx

Warmer/Lead in

x’ll hold x tennis xxxxxxxx

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