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what are some brands that are currently distributed exclusively, selective or intersively? do you think any of these products might be more profitable if they were distributed through a different of intermediaries?

Submitted by shahimermaid on Fri, 2012-06-29 01:46
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brands that are currently distributed exclusively, selective or intersively?

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xxxxxx xxxx xxx currently distributed xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx terms xxx find xxxxxxxx .

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx is xxx xxx where xxxxxxxxx xxxx agreements with one xx a few retailers that designate xxx xxxxxx retailing xx xxx only xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx
xxxx stimulates both xxxxxxx xx work together to xxxxxxxx an image, assign shelf xxxxxx xxxxx profits and xxxxxx xxx advertise. It xxxx xxxxxxx requires that xxxxxxxxx xxxxx their xxxxx selection xx xxx specified product lines; they might have to decline to xxxxxx other suppliers’ xxxxxxx From xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx exclusive distribution may limit xxxxx xxxxxxxx total xxxxxx eg Mount xxxxx pens, BMW , xxxxx handbags - xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx products

Intensive xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the one xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx through xx many retailers xx possible.This often maximizes xxxxxxxxxxxx sales xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx offer many brands xxx xxxxxxx

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