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Strategic Alternatives



In this exercise, the student will analyze the supply chain structure and business strategy at Charlie Supply, Inc.



"Creating Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage" in Michael Hugos: Essentials of Supply Chain Management, answer the following questions:

•  Explain how their supply chain helps Charlie Supply, Inc. achieve strategic goals?

•  Describe how supply chain managers at this firm have modified their supply chain to respond to strategic goals.

•  How would you modify this supply chain to improve it?


300-500 words APA format.

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Strategic Alternatives

body preview (111 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx has a xxxxxx xxxxxx chain which xxxx use as a competitive advantage xxx the xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx its success. The company xxxx agile xxxxxx xxxxx strategy to achieve its strategic xxxxxx Agile supply xxxxxxxx xx a xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx to all changes in the market. The xxxxxxx in xxxxxx and supply xxx accommodated xxxx using xxxxx strategy. Charlie xxxxxx Inc uses xxxx strategy xx come up with xxx xxxxxxxxxx products, finding xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx new product offerings xx counter xxx xxxx xx the market. xx the xxxxxx chain, xxx company uses xxx xxxxxxxxxxx systems to xxxxxxxx efficiencies and xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx inherent costs.

file1.doc preview (380 words)

xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �1�. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT �2�.

xxxxxxxxx Alternatives






xxxxxxx Supply xxx has x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx which they use xx x competitive xxxxxxxxx xxx the company to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx The company xxxx agile xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx its strategic xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is a way xx xxxxxxxxxx xx all changes xx the market. xxx changes in xxxxxx xxx supply xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx when xxxxx agile strategy. Charlie Supply xxx uses this strategy xx xxxx up with xxx innovative products, xxxxxxx solutions to the problems affecting business xxx developing xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx counter xxx ones xx the market. In xxx xxxxxx chain, xxx xxxxxxx uses its information systems to increase xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx reduce xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the logistic xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx to increase

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Unicew on Wed, 2012-07-25 06:59
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Essentials of Supply Chain Management

body preview (85 words)

xxxxxx chain strategies can determine the success xx the xxxxxxx of x company. The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxx of any company xxxxx companies depend on xxxxxx chain as xx area of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xxx xx significant xxxxxxxxxxx xx the sales fields. xx order xx have xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx chains there xx a xxxx xx xxxx innovative xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx of loyalty and commitment has xx immense impact xx xxxxxxx relationship xx xxxxxx xx value xxxxxxxxx

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