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Strategic Advantage of Outsourcing

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xxxxxxx Head: OUTSOURCING � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

Outsourcing: x xxxxxxxxx Advantage

Student xxxxx


xx Benefits xx Outsourcing:

Outsourcing xxxx xx processes xx other xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxx xxxxxxx During xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx not all of the xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx for investment. xxxxxxx xxx xxxx utilize the cost xx outsourced function xx to xxxxx important activities. xxxxxxxxx also enjoy huge xxxxxx due to low wages and labor cost offered by service xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx telecom companies like xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

Outsourcing helps xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx product that provide them a competitive edge xxxx their competitors. Companies like Nestle, Uniliver outsourced few xx their xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx marketing and distribution to xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx by outsourcing the

- - - more text follows - - -

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