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Please see attachments. Due Monday, 7/2.

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SCM In the Real World Case Study

body preview (7 words)

SCM In the xxxx World Case xxxxx

file1.doc preview (592 words)

Running xxxxx xxxxxx CHAIN MANAGEMENT � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �1� SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT xxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Supply Chain xxxxxxxxxx – Office Max

Student xxxxx


1. Supply xxxxx management xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx of the Company. xxx xxxxx case is xxxxxx focused xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx delivery-truck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx of miles xxxxxx to xxxxxx stores xxx Store xxxxxxxxxx The main objective of xxx xxxxxxx is xx reduce the cost xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx quality of services. xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx chosen xx management xxxx very xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx deal xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx cover xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx products. They focused xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx logistic and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Office max xxxxxxx its xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx maximizing xxxxxxxx truck volume. Unlike xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx stores xx to xxxxxxxxx groups xxxxx on xxx xxxxxx they xxxxx xxxxxx having xxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx higher xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx max xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx store inventory xx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx system. xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx at store level. All store xxxxxxxxx stock xxxx their xxxxxxxxx

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