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M1 A2 Discouraged Workers and the Economy Discussion

Assignment 2: Discouraged Workers and the Economy

A “discouraged worker” is an individual without a job who has a desire to work; however, the worker has not actively searched for a job within the last six months, because the worker believes that there are no jobs available. Such a worker is not included in the official unemployment count.


Consider a scenario where discouraged workers are now included in the official unemployment rate during a recessionary period in the economy. Which of the three types of unemployment—frictional, structural, or cyclical—do you believe that these unemployed workers would most closely qualify for? How about during a period of economic expansion? Explain your answers and include examples.


Next, discuss and explain how including discouraged workers in the official unemployment rate would affect both the federal deficit and the national debt. Include examples to support your conclusions.


By Saturday, August 10, 2013, post your initial discussion response in the M1: Assignment 2 Discussion Area. By Wednesday, August 14, 2013, read all of the other students’ postings, and post comments in the Discussion Area on at least two other responses.

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M1 A2 Discouraged Workers and the Economy Discussion

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Running head: DISCOURAGED WORKERS AND THE xxxxxxx � PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �1� DISCOURAGED xxxxxxx xxx THE xxxxxxx � PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Discouraged xxxxxxx and the Economy

Student xxxxxx

Institutional Affiliation:


It xx outright xxxx the discouraged xxxxxxx xxxx under cynical xxxxxxxxxxxx in the course xx the recession period. Cynical xxxxxxxxxxxx refers xx xxx xxxx of unemployment linked to xxx xxxxxxxx cycles occurring xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx Cynical xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx in the course xx recessions because as the xxxxxxx falls some xxxxx xxxxx xx cutting production, xx xxxx xxx laying off xxxxxxxxxx Once this xxxxxxx the number xx workers xxxxxx xxx economy is xxxx than the available xxxx resulting xx a xxxxxx unemployment xxxxx xxxx xxx discouraged workers realize that more xxxxxxxxxxx are xxxx laid xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx

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