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Locate an article about a controversial subject where the author makes an argument you do not agree with.


Locate an article about a controversial subject where the author makes an argument you do not agree with.

Write a 350- to 700-word rebuttal to the article using valid arguments and supporting data. In your rebuttal, offer an analysis in which you do the following:

·         Analyze the reliability, credibility, and validity of the data used by the author.

·         Identify any logical fallacies in the argument.


Submitted by rckumhar on Sat, 2013-08-10 07:37
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100% Correct Answer (A++ work)

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100% xxxxxxx xxxxxx (A++ work)

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xxxxxxx Rebuttal

xx a whole the xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx the legal minimum drinking age xx xxx but expectation xxxx xx xxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx consumption xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and many xxxxx xxxxxxx xx exits xxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxx xx an xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx 21 xx a Younger Age?" argues the legal xxxxxxxx xxx for xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx because, xxxxxxxx xx entails receiving the xxxxxx and responsibilities of xxxxxxxxx xx vote, xxxxx on xxxxxxx xxx married, sign contracts, join the military--which includes xxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of life and death--and be prosecuted as xxxxxxx Adults xxxx the xxx of xx should xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx trusted xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx alcohol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx Be xxxxxxx From 21 To x Younger xxxxxx xxxxxx xx this xxxxxxxx using valid arguments, xxxxxxxxxx data, xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx the data xxxx by the author, xxx identifying any xxxxxxx fallacies xx

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