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Licensure and Accreditation

Licensure and Accreditation

Licensure and Accreditation

All answers should be responded to in short essay form. Please double space work and use APA format as appropriate and bring in outside research to round out your responses.

1. What are some basic differences between licensure and accreditation?

2. Provide an example of each.

3. What is needed in order to maintain accreditation?

4. Once a healthcare professional obtains certification or licensure, what must they do to maintain these credentials?

5. What is liability coverage and what is this important for healthcare professionals to have?

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Licensure and Accreditation

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xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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xxxxxxx xxxxx LICENSURE xxx ACCREDITATION 1 LICENSURE AND xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxx

Licensure xxx Accreditation






xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx differences between xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Licensure xx basically the forms of restricted xxxxxxxxxxxx practices that x xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx x xxxxxxx of that gives him xx her, xxx xxxxxxxxxx to practice xxx profession. xxxxxxxxx xx basically xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx certification. The xxxxxxx and skill management required xx these practices xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxxx to all. xxxx the government regulates xx through licensing. On the xxxxx xxxxx accreditation is the xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx that basically xxxxxx them xx be competent to test and xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x certain xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xx xxxxxxx for xxxx xxxxx

Licensure is basically xxxxxx in

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