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Submitted by qutp5 on Fri, 2012-04-13 07:32
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Legal Environment to business

Submitted by Asma on Fri, 2012-04-13 11:40
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All MCQs and subjective questions are solved with references

body preview (14 words)

xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx let xx xxxx xx xxx need xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Thanks

file1.doc preview (1573 words)

xxxxxxxx x xx xxxxxx xxxx

Which xx the following would xxx xx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx a trade secret?

xxxxxx an engineer xxx is xxxxxxx at x xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx secret to xxx

xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx tearing it apart xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx laboratory xx xxxxxx the trade secret

Hiring a spy to xxxxx xxxx a competitor's xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx

Asking xxx of xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx a xxxxx secret of xxx former xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx then does

xxxxxxxx 2 xx points Save

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx filed xxxx xxxx

xxxxx xxxxxx xxx Trademark xxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx Organization.

xxxx Patent xxx Trademark Office.

xxxx xxxxx Department


Question 3 xx xxxxxx xxxx

The public use xxxxxxxx is also called:

xxxxxx infringement.

Public xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx label license xxxxxxxxx

One-year xxx sale" doctrine

xxxxxxxx x xx points Save

The xxxx use doctrine would xxxxx the following types of use of x copyrighted xxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx holder, xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xx a critical review.

Use in a parody.

xxxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx that is xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx interest xx xxxx xxxxxxx in x

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