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Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-08-07 01:08
due on Sat, 2012-08-11 01:07
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Deliverable Length: 600–800 words

The government decides to tax cookbooks because they feel that they encourage overeating and can lead to health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. Answer the following:

  • What type of tax is this? Explain.
  • What happens to the supply of cookbooks?
  • What happens to the equilibrium price?
  • Who pays the tax at the end?
  • Is this a good way to finance programs to improve health?
  • What other types of tax can the government use to increase revenues?

Part IV

Deliverable Length: 600–850 words becomes wildly successful in the United States, and you decide to export overseas. Answer the following:

  • Does this reflect an absolute or a comparative advantage?
  • Name 4 issues that you will encounter as you become a multinational corporation.
  • What happens to your marginal utility as you buy your third luxury automobile? Why?

Part V

Deliverable Length: 600–850 words

In the article entitled "The Economic Effects of Labor Unions Revisited," Vedder and Galloway attempt to prove statistically, using historical data, that labor unions do not have a good effect on the economy. Read the article, and explain the following microeconomic concepts that the authors discuss and how they are related to unions:

  • Demand, supply, and equilibrium wage rates of labor
  • Unemployment
  • Deadweight welfare loss
  • Elasticity
  • Real GDP and economic growth
  • Income per capita
  • Population growth and aging
  • Marginal costs, marginal revenues, and profits

The article focuses on harmful economic effects, but also mentions some positive aspects. What are they? Does moral hazard apply to unions? Why or why not?

Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-08-07 01:10
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price: $35.00 Part III, IV and part V

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xxxx xxx go.........................

file1.doc preview (2026 words)

Part xxxx

xxxx xxxx of xxx xxxx fall the xxxx of indirect tax xx the xxxxxxxxxx is planning to xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx going xx the xxxxxxx xxxx the xxx sales of xxxxxxxxx will xxxx it reach xxx goal. xx other words, xxx assumption xx xxxx case xx xxxx the high xxxxx of cookbooks xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx and if xxx government is xxxx xxxxx the xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx will tend xx xxx xxxx as there xxxx xx xxxxx experiments in terms of new dishes et al. xx xxxxx so, xxxxx xx xx xxxxx xx the fact xxxx xxx xxxxxx of cookbooks xxxx xxxx in the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx be xxxx xxxxxx in the xxxxxxx xxxxx it xx an attempt which will show its xxxxxxx only in xxx long run xxx the overall idea of xxx government is to xxxxxx the eating habits of the people.

xx taxing xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by AlgebraExpert on Tue, 2014-07-01 18:26
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MGM Phase 5 Individual Assignment - A+ original paper with citations from an A+ tutor!

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xxx Phase x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx - A+ xxxxxxxx paper xxxx citations from xx xx tutor!

file1.docx preview (1101 words)


[Title xxxxx


xxxxx critique xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxx that labor unions are xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx economy, as explained by Vedder xxx Galloway xx “xxx xxxxxxxx Effects xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx”. According xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx are a multitude xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx unions, xxxxx xxxx being many xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx good benefits for xxx workers, xxx benefits xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxx some than others, xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Workers xxxx higher earnings do stimulate the economy, xxx xxxx xxx xxxx of wages some workers xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx laid off. xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx unionized tend to xxxx higher standards xx living, xxxxxxxxx a xxxxx xxxxx rate, higher civic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx Furthermore, xxxxxx wages is an incentive for xxxxxxx to xx more xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx debate on the xxxxxxxxxxxxx of unionized xxxxx xx tentative, as the xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx can only

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by AlgebraExpert on Tue, 2014-07-01 18:24
teacher rated 113 times
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MGM Phase 4 Individual Assignment - A+ original paper with citations from an A+ tutor!

body preview (14 words)

MGM xxxxx 4 Individual xxxxxxxxxx - xx original xxxxx xxxx citations from an xx tutor! preview (1412 words)

Phase x Individual Project x xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxx x Individual Assignment – xx

Demand Curve

xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx curve xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx downward

xxxxxxx equation

From xxx xx $35, it xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Total Costs

xxxxx xxxxx xx the firm xxxxx fixed xxxxx x variable cost + xxxxxxxxxxx cost

xxxxx cost xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx costs

xxxxx xxxxx xxx in the xxxxx


Postage xxx handling


xxxxxxxxx xx cookbooks



Variable xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx cost xx x xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx job

Loss of xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx business

Firm should xxxx xxxx when P < xxx

Fixed xxxxx are xxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxx

xxx price xxx xxx can xx determined when xxx xxxxxxxx is xxxxxx

Market structure

xxxxx xxx xxx many cookbook online xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx 20-40

Greater xxxx x

xxxx xxxx infinity

Not xxxxxxxxx competitive

xxx monopolistic

xxx industry does not have xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx

xxx an xxxxxxxxx


- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by navingolyan on Sat, 2013-09-07 05:30
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100% correct answers in perfect APA style with 6 cited references

body preview (10 words)

100% correct xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx APA xxxxx xxxx x xxxxx references

file1.docx preview (1296 words)

xxxx xxxxx global & xxxxxx xxxxxx



xxxx A:

xx No. 1

xxxx xxxx xx tax is xxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx to Q. xxx 1

xxxx is an xxxxxxxx xxxx xx in this case, the tax will xx collected xx xxx xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxx xxx will be xxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxx The objective xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx to xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx reducing xxx demand resulting reduction in sin of obesity, the tax may also be called as sin xxxx The xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx used in treatment xx xxxxxxx xx other xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Q. No. 2

xxxx happens xx xxx xxxxxx of cookbooks?

xxxxxx to xx xxx 2

If xxx taxes are imposed xx cookbooks, it will xxxxxx in xxxxxxxx in its xxxxxx xx the price will xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx A decrease xx demand xxxx lower xxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xx xxx suppliers xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx x lower xxxxxx xxxxxx will result in xxxxxxxx in xxxxxx xx cookbooks.

xx No. x

Who pays xxx tax xx xxx xxxx

xxxxxx to xx xxx 3

Simply xxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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