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I need them for a homework assignment Monday 3/5/12 at 11:00 pm.

Hello, these questions are from the book Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves by John E. Stapleford. I need them for a homework assignment Monday 3/5/12 at 11:00 pm. They need to be answered from a Christian perspective. Answers should be around 100-150 words each

Chapter 3: Waste Not? Reappraising the Goal of Economic Efficiency

1.What are the pitfalls facing a society that pursues justice at the expense of all other objectives?

2.What should characterize Christian social relations? does this run counter to maximizing economic output?

3.Does economic success in a society tend to crowd out spiritual life and development?

Chapter 16: Give Me Your Tired, Poor: The Economics of Immigration

1.Respond to the charge that immigrants flood the labor market and drive down wages.

2.How does immigration contribute to economic growth?

3.What does Scripture say about the policy of limiting immigrants to persons

by their level of education?

Submitted by humblejeff on Mon, 2012-03-05 08:30
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the answers are given below

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Chapter 3: xxxxx Not? Reappraising xxx Goal xx xxxxxxxx Efficiency
1.there are x xxxxxx of pitfalls xxxx xxxxx a xxxxxxx that pursues xxxxxxx at the expense xx xxx other xxxxxxxxxxx One of xxxxx pitfalls xx xxxxxxx xxxx individuals xxx xxxx the xxxxx xx manipulate xxx law. This xx common xx xxxxx of bribes xxx xxxx xx x major xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx Another xxxxxxx is xxx xxxx xxxx other objectives of xxx society such xx giving xx xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx be xxxxxxxx as xx some xxxxx individuals xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxx
2.christian xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx reflect the character of Christ. Being xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx as hoarding xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxx place.This to x large extent will increase the economic

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