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Submitted by kittenfoot on Wed, 2012-08-01 22:11
due on Sun, 2012-08-05 22:03
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I need accounting homework help Its four questions

I need this to be finished no later than Sunday by 9pm eastern time it's four questions.. I have attached the detailed questions

Submitted by neel on Fri, 2012-08-03 15:53
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Accounting assignment

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here xxx go.....................................

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xx x
1 Issued xxxxxx xxxxx xxx $20000
2Bought Equipment worth xxxxx xx paying xxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx worth xxxx xx xxxx
4 xxxxx service revenur xxxxxxxxx $4400 in xxxx xxxx $5400 xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx worth $1500
x Dividend paid xxxxx xxxxx
7 xxxx payable paid xxxxx xxxx
xxxxx accounts xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
9Salary payable paid xxxxx $3000
10 xxxxxxx Espense outstanding
bxxxxx holder Equity increased by xxxxxx
xxxx Income = Service xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Expense-Utility xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
= 9800-800-3000-500-2000
Trial Balance xx on 31st Oct xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxDebit xxxxxx
Common Stock xxxxxxx Common xxxxxCash
Accounts Payablexxxxxx Dr Cr xxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxParticularAmountParticular Amount
xxxx xxxxxxx Closing Balance$30,000xxxx $30,000 xxxxxx Stock$30,000 Accounts Payable xxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxRevenue$140 xxxxxx$3,500
Salary ExpensexxxxxxClosing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total $30,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx$30,140Total $30,140
Salary Furniture
Drxx xxCr
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAmount ParticularxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAmount
xxxx$3,500 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx $3,500xxxxxxxx Payable xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx$4,600
xxxxxxxxxxxTotal $3,500 Total xxxxxxTotal $4,600

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