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Submitted by Dadato on Fri, 2012-08-10 19:25
due on Sun, 2012-08-12 19:15
answered 2 time(s)
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Please due on Sunday 12, Thanks!

Submitted by StatSolver on Sun, 2012-08-12 00:24
teacher rated 56 times
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Please see the attachment for solution (Second Part 1-7)

body preview (39 words)

xxxxxx see the xxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx xx you need xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx please xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx leave x x star xxxxxx xx you are xxxxxxxxx xxxx my solution. The xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxx file xxxxxxxx the computations.

file1.doc preview (1922 words)

For the data xxx shown xxxxxx do xxxx following. xxx xxxxxxx xxx standard error the xxxxx estimate for xxx (b) Assuming the residuals are normally distributed, xxxxxxxxx Sb1. (c) Assuming the residuals xxx normally xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx H0;β1=0 xxxxxx xxx β1≠x at the xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx null xxxxxxxxxx is that x xxx y are xxx linearly related.

X 3 x x x 8

Y x 6 8 13 15

xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx for xxx Se ≈ (xxxxxxxxxx xxx round xxxxx the xxxxx answer. Then xxxxx to four xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx

Recall that b1 is xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx of the regression xxxx xxxx The sample xxxxxxxx error xx xx xx given by xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

In xxxxx xx conduct xxx hypothesis test, first xxxxxxxxx the xxxx statistic t0.(Explain the xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xls preview (378 words)


XYY^xxxxxxxxx(Residual)^2 (X-Xbar)^2
xx 6.4535-0.45350.2057xxxx
x 8 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.3115xxxx
7xxxxxxxxx0.2326xxxxxx 2.56
x 1514.87210.1279xxxxxx xxxx
xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Xbar xxx
xxxxxx xx x 2.1047
Intercept, bo =xxxxxxx
x x x
Se =xxxxxx
x x xxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x 0.0006


X Y xxResiduals(Residual)^2xxxxxxxxxx
xx98 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
xx95xxxxxxx1.0000 xxxxxx100
4091xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx0
xx 81 79.2000xxxxxx 3.2400 100
xxxx 71.8000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 400
xxx49.6000 1000.0000
Slope, b1 x xxxxxxx
Intercept, xx x xxxxxxxx
x x 5
Se x 4.0661
x x b1/Sb1 x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx


x Y xx xxxxxxxxx (Residual)^2xxxxxxxxxx
3330xxxxxxxxxxxxx -49.7239 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
2620xxxx4271.1728xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 40804
338050204943.9881xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx311364
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 82.1179xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx 4120 4147.2331 -27.2331xxxxxxxx116964
Sum22324.2878 999680.0000
xxxx 2822
Slope, b1 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx
n = x
Se = 86.2637
x = xxxxxx x 10.2609
P-value xxxxxxx
Confidence xxxxxxxx
t(a/2) x 3.182
xxxxx limit x0.611
upper xxxxx x 1.160
Forecast x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Regression Statistics
xxxxxxxx x0.9861
R Square 0.9723
xxxxxxxx R xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxSS MSx Significance x
xxxxxxxxxxx783475.712227913783475.712227913 105.2856 0.0020
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7441.4292573624
xxxxx 4 xxxxxx
Coefficients xxxxxxxx xxxxx t Statxxxxxxx Lower 95% Upper 95%Lower xxxxxxxxxx

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Submitted by StatSolver on Sat, 2012-08-11 10:05
teacher rated 56 times
purchased one time
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Please see the attachment for solution (Question 1 - 9)

body preview (33 words)

xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx solution of xxxxxxxxx x to xx xxx xxxx file xxxxxxxx xxx solution and xxx Excel file contains the computations. xx you need xxx clarification xxxxxx ask me. xxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (3133 words)

HWK xxx

For xxx xxxxxxxxxx data set,

X x 6 x x 9

x 3 2 6 x xx

x xxxx done it

xx hand, compute the correction xxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx is xx (0.430). xxxxxxx to xxxxx decimal xxxxxx xx needed)

Determine whether xxxxx xx x linear xxxxxxxx between x and xx xxxxxxxxx

Find the critical xxxxx correlation xxx xxx sample xxxx n= 5. xxxx xxx table xx xxxxxxxx value xxx correlation xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


The correlation coefficient, r x 0.430

For xxx given data, xxxx = 6, xxxx x xx Sx x xxxxxxxx xx = xxxxxxxx n = xx

The xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x x ∑x [(X xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -Ybar)/Sy]}/(n-1)




(X xxxxxxxxx

(Y xxxxxxxxx

[(X xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xls preview (598 words)


xY (X xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx[(X -Xbar)/Sx]*[(Y xxxxxxxxxx
x x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx1.14578
6x xxxxxxx -1.09545xxxxxxx
x6 0.00000 0.36515xxxxxxx
7 x xxxxxxx1.460590.57289
x 5 xxxxxxx 0.00000xxxxxxx
Sum 1.71868
xxxx =x
Ybar x x
Sx = xxxxxxx
Sy = xxxxxxx
x =5
x =xxxxx


Xx xx xxxxxxxxx (Y -Ybar)/Syxxx -Xbar)/Sx]*[(Y xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx18 xxxxxxx-0.97827xxxxxxx
xxxx 26 -1.58261 xxxxxxx-2
xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx -0
xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx -0.1998
xxxx190.82413 -0.67256-1
xxx xxxxxxx
Xbar =3341
Ybar x21.2
xx =411.34535
xx xxxxxxxx
n xx
x =-0.971


xxx (X) xx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx -Ybar)/Syxxx -Xbar)/Sx]*[(Y -Ybar)/Sy]
857781135 -0.56889 -1.00000xxxxxx
xxxxxx1381.15466xxxxxxx 0
xxxxxx141 xxxxxxxx 1.00000xx
Xbar = 901853
Ybar =xxx
Sx x77470.46498
Sy x3.00000
n = 3
x xxxxxxx
xxx xxx xx xxxxx -Xbar)/Sxxx -Ybar)/Syxxx -Xbar)/Sx]*[(Y -Ybar)/Sy]
xxxxxx 138xxxxxxxx 0.57735 -0.5172
xxxxxx132xxxxxxxx -1.154700
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.57735 x
xxxx xxxxxxx
Ybar xxxx
Sx = xxxxxxxxxxx
Sy =3.46410
n xx
x = xxxxx


XY xx -Xbar)/Sx xx -Ybar)/Sy xxx -Xbar)/Sx]*[(Y

- - - more text follows - - -

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