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Submitted by Dadato on Thu, 2012-07-19 20:33
due on Sat, 2012-07-21 20:30
answered 1 time(s)
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Please can anyone help me with my homework?



Submitted by StatSolver on Fri, 2012-07-20 13:29
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Please see the attachment for solution.

body preview (33 words)

Please see the attachment xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx any further clarification please ask xxx The answers xxx given in xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx the computations xxx xxxxx in xxx xxxxx xxxxx Thanks.

file1.doc preview (3437 words)

The null xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxx Determine xxxxxxx xxx hypothesis xx left tailed; right xxxxxxx xx xxx tailed. What parameter is being xxxxxxxx

H0: p= 0.76

xxxx> xxxxx

xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

x Left tailed

-Right xxxxxxx

xxxx tailed

xxxxxxx xxxxx tailed

What xxxxxxxxx is xxxxx tested?




xxxxxxx c-p

Test the xxxxxxxxxx using xxx xxxxxxxxx approach xxx the xxxxxxx approach.

H0: p=0.45 versus H1: x<0.45

n=150, x=62, xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx the test using the classical xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxxx answer below.

xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

_There xx not xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx to test xxx xxxxxxxxxxx

_Do xxx xxxxxx xxx null hypothesis

xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxx test xxxxx T-value xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx =…0.1834…. xxxxxx to four xxxxxxx xxxxxx as xxxxxxxx

Choose xxx correct xxxxxx xxxxxxx

_ Reject the xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

_There xx xxx xxxxxx information xx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx

xxx xxx reject the null xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx P-value x 0.1834x Do

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xls preview (762 words)


x Test xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx the Proportion
Null Hypothesis xxxxxx
Level xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 0.05
Number of Successesxx
xxxxxx xxxx 150
xxxxxxxxxxxx Calculations
Sample xxxxxxxxxx0.4133333333
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxx Statistic xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lower-Tail Test
Lower Critical xxxxxxxxxxxx
p-Value xxxxxx
xx not reject xxx null hypothesis


xxxxxx Size Determination
xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx
Sampling Error xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx94%
xxxxxxxxxxxx Calculations
Z xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx Sample xxxx 2209.9787752349
Sample xxxx Needed 2210


Confidence Interval Estimate for the Mean Confidence Interval xxxxxxxx for the xxxx Confidence xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx
xxxxData xxxx
Sample xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx Standard Deviation 10xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Sample Mean 107Sample xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx Size xxxxxxxx Size 26xxxxxx xxxx14
Confidence Level95% xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 95%Confidence xxxxx96%
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxIntermediate xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Standard xxxxx xx the xxxx 2.6726124191 xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx Mean 2.6726124191
Degrees xx xxxxxxx13Degrees xx Freedom25 xxxxxxx xx Freedom13
t xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxt Value2.2816038836
xxxxxxxx xxxx Width 5.7738269877 Interval xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Half xxxxx 6.0978428748

- - - more text follows - - -

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