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How might the Constitution be structured if there had been more Anti-Federalists and less Federalists at the convention? Think about...

How might the Constitution be structured if there had been more Anti-Federalists and less Federalists at the convention? Think about the Federalist Papers and what they argued for. What if these pleas had not been made? Draw on the notions of separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism in your answer.

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It was against a backdrop of the severe and extraordinary economic woes that was afflicting the nation that the constitutional convention was called.

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xx xxx indeed a xxxxxx of great xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx  xxxx was xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx such influential xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of New Jersey, xxxxx Madison George Washington Jonathan Dayton of xxx xxxxxxx Ben Franklin, Gouverneur xxxxxx and xxx rest of the xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx these men at xxx xxxxxxxxxx were very honored xxx respected xxx xx the xxxxxxx xx that time.

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xxxxxxxxxxx Versus xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Had xxxxx xxxx xxxx anti-federalists xx the Philadelphia xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx federalists, matters xxxxx not have been much more different xx xxxxxxx xx far as its course of history is concerned. xxx xxxxxxxxxxx debates began along xxxxxxxxx views but xxxxxxxx to xxx tone xxxx xxx set xxx the unfolding of xxxx milestone event in America’s xxxxxx making xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx a tone which was xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx bordering xx belligerency, xxx delegates opted xxx xxxxxxxxxxx which would later xxxx what xx the xxxxxxxx constitution and xxxxxxxxxx structure xx xx see xx today. Of xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx evolved over xxxx but xxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx still remains xxx xxxx as it was at xxx time inaugurated. xx was xxxxxx x matter xx great urgency and xxxxxxxxxx xxxx was bringing together xxxx influential men xx

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