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how come laos the country in asia, did not have a census until 1995

how come laos the country in asia, did not have a census until 1995

Submitted by humblejeff on Thu, 2012-03-15 06:30
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the country xxx constantly xxxxxxxx with xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx very xxxx xxx the leadership was bad.In xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx and then xxxxxx fell xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx forces. Immediately the Pathet Lao brought xxxxxxxxx pressure to xxxx xx xxx right in xxxxx Escalating xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx leading rightist xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx to flee xxx country. xxxxx xxx xxxx targeted and hundreds xx Americans began xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx country, town xxxxx xxxx was peacefully ‘liberated’ xx Pathet xxx forces, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx
xx xxx xxxx later xxxx Pathet Lao xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx power. xx all xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx people’s xxxxxxxxxx took administrative control, xx the direction of the xxxxx xx November xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx was left xx the Third xxxxxxxxx Government bowed to the inevitable and demanded xxxxxxxxx of x xxxxxxxxxx democratic regime’. Under pressure, the xxxx agreed to xxxxxxxxx xxx on x December x xxxxxxxx Congress xx xxxxxxxxxx Representatives assembled by xxx Party xxxxxxxxxx the xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Lao xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx People’s xxxxxxxxxx Republic. x xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx 1995 under xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

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