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Post your homework question

Post your question and make sure you specify the actual price you are willing to pay. Questions with a price tag get much more attention from teachers.

Posting your homework is free.


Get in touch with teachers

There are several ways to get in touch with teachers:


Notify teachers at the question page

Request for help at the public chat

Wait for teachers to see your question and approach you


Select a teacher

Soon you will start getting handshake request or answers to your question. You can either complete a hand shake with a teacher or by his answer to your question. It is crucial to read the teacher reviews to make a good teacher selection. Teacher reviews authentic reviews this teacher received from other students. 


Academic Honesty and Academic Integrity

Answers to homework questions can only be used as a tutoring aid or a reference, much like reviewing answers for past years exams is a common practice for preparing for this years exam. Submitting an answer as your own is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in your institutes academic honesty unit taking actions against you.


Copyrights complies with DMCA 512C. Posting or uploading copyrighted content is strictly forbidden. If in doubt, post only information that accurately IDs the assignment you need help with e.g. Principles of Microeconomics, University name, week number, exercise number.


Abide the law

Avoid using this site if it is against any law, statute or limitation in your jurisdiction


General emails emails is a cool way to get in touch with teachers and students.


How does it work? An email sent to your email address will be forwarded to your personal email (the one you registered with). At the same time you can email teachers and students from your registration email to their email address. This allows for a smooth communication even when you are on the go.


Click a user name to go to his profile page and see his email address. Click My account to see your email address.


Please note: emails to a email address will appear as sent from your email only if sent from your registration address. emails you send from another personal email address will be obscured.


 Keep the chat clean


These are not allowed

  • Anywhere
    • Using inappropriate language
    • Promoting external homework help services
  • On the public chat
    • Flaming, bashing or discrediting users on the public chat
    • Spamming the public chat
    • Using foreign languages in the public chat (only English is allowed)

Please contact a chat admin (red users) to ban users doing one of the above.


Banning users from chat (for chat admins)


  1. Click 'Chat' then 'Administration'
  2. Click 'Kick username' then 'Add'
  3. Below click 'Username:'
  4. Type in or paste the name of a user on the input line (lowest line), hit 'Enter'
  5. Click 'For ever' below the 'Time' section
  6. Click 'Save' just below the previously clicked 'Add'
  7. After clicking 'Save' the banned user list will appear. Make sure the user you banned is in the list.




Does it cost money?

  • Registration is free
  • Posting homework is free
  • Answers are priced by the teacher (author). You only pay if you decide to buy an answer
  • A fee of $0.30 + 2.9% will be collected for each payment. For example a payment for a $10.00 priced answer will become $10.59 after fees

I don't have a PayPal account. How can I pay for homework?

You can pay with a credit or debit card using PayPal without having a PayPal account and without registering for such an account.


  • Click the Pay Now button of the answer you wish to purchase, you will be redirected to a PayPal web page
  • Click the 'Pay with a credit or debit card' text below

  • It might be easier if you uncheck the checkbox near 'Save this information with a PayPal account' at the bottom of the page

  • Proceed by filling in the rest of the information and clicking Agree and Continue at the bottom

How can I attach a file to my homework?

  • Find your homework under My homework->My questions
  • Click your homework title
  • Click edit
  • Scroll down to Attachments and click it
  • Choose a file and upload
  • Click 'Ask Your Question'

How do I get teachers to help me with my homework?

Make sure your question is complete and specify a price you are willing to pay and a due date. Questions with complete information will get more attention from teachers. You can also notify teachers about your homework. On the question page (My homework -> click the question title) click Notify teachers. You can search teachers based on several criteria and review their teacher profile. Select up to five teachers and send them a notification.

Apart from that you can always contact teachers through PMs or Chat.

What is a hand shake?

  • You may receive a hand shake request from a teacher for one of your questions

  • It's purpose is to make a gentleman's agreement with the teacher

  • Make sure the due date and price are clearly defined in the agreement

  • You can edit the agreement and send the hand shake back to the teacher. This will require him to sign the agreement again.

  • The teacher may request a down payment to start working

  • After you and the teacher signed the agreement and you paid the down payment, the hand shake is complete

  • At this point, you gave your word as a gentleman to buy the answer once it's submitted in accordance to the agreement

How do down payments work?

  • Down payment for a homework question is paid during a hand shake (see above)

  • Your down payment provides you credit to buy answers for the specific question and teacher the down payment was made for

I did not get the homework assistance I expected. What should I do?

This applies to:

  • You are not satisfied with an answer you purchased
  • You made a down payment to complete a hand shake and the teacher did not follow through

Please contact the teacher. It might be a simple misunderstanding you can quickly overcome.

If this fails to resolve the issue, please file a dispute at the question page. A dispute can be filed up to 40 days after a payment was made.

How to file a dispute:

Click 'My homework' and then click the title of the relevant question. Click Dispute and fill in the form. Please provide as many details as possible so we can step in and resolve the issue for you.


Money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

A Money Back icon on the answer means we guarantee to send you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the answer. The only thing you have to do is tell us what you think is wrong with the answer by opening a dispute within two days.

If you purchase an answer to your own question you are not eligible for the money back service guarantee.




How to become a teacher at

Great to have you on board!

Please register and start answering questions. The single most important thing you need to be succesful on our site is to maintain good ratings and reviews.


Read the next section for more success tips


Implement these tips to maximize your earnings 

  • Communicate with students. Use PMs and chat. The best is to chat with a student shortly after he posts a question. Be on the chat at US day time. That's when most of the questions are posted. Our highest earning teachers often follow this tip.

    note: if you are a new teacher with no rating, this will give you the edge you need to get started.

  • Build long term relationships. Make sure students are really happy with the service you provide. If you succeed, they will be looking for you for their next assignment and not the other way around

  • Be fast and responsive. When a new homework is posted, react fast by communicating with the student. Fast reaction encourages closure. Use Homework notifications to achieve fast reaction

  • Always Shake hands with a student before you start working

  • Always request a down payment (during hand shake) to secure your efforts

  • Go for the difficult questions. Their answers are purchased much more often

  • Don't price your answers too low. A student will be happy to pay several extra bucks for a high quality answer

  • Focus on featured questions. Answers to featured questions have a high purchase rate 

Homework notifications

You can get email notifications for homework posted on the site based on their field of study and a willing to pay threshold.

To setup homework notifications go to My account -> homework notifications. To add a specific type of homework to your homework notifications, click homework notification on the question page and then click save.


Note: zero priced homework will be notified only to users that logged in to the site at the past 10 days. Priced homework will be notified only to users that logged in to the site in the past 30.



Two payment schemes coexist on the site. For each payment one of the schemes is selected automatically. The scheme selected for a payment is shown on the received payments table.


Individual payment scheme

If individual payment scheme is selected for a payment you received, your part of the payment is automatically sent to your PayPal account when it's due. PayPal will deduct from this payment your normal payment receiving fees, the same fees that will apply when receiving payments from any other source.


Funds are due 45 days after a payment was spent for most teachers and 14 days after the payment was spent for teachers with established record (currently active and made more than $5000 in earnings). A down payment is spent as soon as it is used by the student to purchase an answer. A payment for an answer is spent at the time it is made. A payment delay will not exceed 45 days.


Aggregated payment scheme

If aggregated payment scheme is selected for a payment you should manually initiate a withdrawal after a payment is due. One withdrawal can be used for many payments.


You can withdraw funds using PayPal or Payoneer (Payoneer Prepaid MasterCardĀ® or Global Bank Transfer).


Funds are eligible for withdrawal after 45 days for most teachers or after 14 days for teachers with established record (currently active and made more than $5000 in earnings).


Payment fees

A payment processing fee of 2.5% + $0.25 is collected from each payment on top of site fees. This reflects the actual fees paid by for processing the payment and is most likely less than the fees you will pay when receiving a payment individually to your PayPal account..


Withdrawal fees

For Payoneer, a full list of pricing and fees will be displayed during registration. Fees will be deducted from your Payoneer credit.

For PayPal a fee of $1 will be deducted from your credit for each withdrawal. Withdrawing large amounts to PayPal will greatly decrease your withdrawal fee.


For optimizing the fees you pay, select a withdrawal facility carefully taking into account currency conversions you might make before you are able to use your funds.


How do down payments work?

  • A down payment made by a student provides him credit to buy your answers for the specific question the down payment was made for

  • Price answers regardless of the down payment. When a student buys one of the answers, the down payment credit for this question is deducted from the answer price

  • If the down payment credit is more than the price of the purchased answer, the remaining credit will be used for the next answer (of the same question) purchased  


Fees are charged from teachers as follows:

  • Down payments - 10%
  • Answers
    • If purchased by the question author - 10%
    • If purchased by another user - 20%
    • Increased fees for all further transactions will apply to teachers holding disputes open for too long
      • 5% fee increase for teachers holding dispute(s) open for 3 days or more
      • 10% fee increase for teachers holding dispute(s) open for 6 days or more

Why are the fees higher if purchased by another user? The original student you did homework for is a deal you closed. You spent your time and efforts and priced it accordingly. If another student buys your homework, that's a bonus.

You get to keep 80% of this bonus.


Why do we increase fees based on open disputes? We are service providers. Disputes represent customers that are not happy with our service. We need to make everything possible to make these customers happy again. We are here for the long term. Happy customers are returning customers. Happy customers have friends they refer to this site.

 PayPal fees will be paid by the payment reciever.


Facebook giveaways

Answers priced $3 or less that were not purchased for one month will become Facebook giveaways. These are provided in full view to users that like Facbook fan page.


Adding content to an answer after it was purchased

If a student purchased your answer and you find out something is missing, you can always add it.

You need to edit the answer the student already purchased. He will still see the answer full view after you make the changes. To edit your answer, find the question page, scroll down to your answer, click the edit button and change your answer.

You can also add new attachments to your answer


How do I issue a refund?

Never make a new payment to counter balance the original payment. Always refund the original transaction.


You can refund a held payment (not yet sent to your PayPal account) from a question page like this: Click the Refund sub menu. You will see a list of payments related to this question you can refund. Check the payment you want to refund and click 'Refund selected'. Confirm by clicking 'Refund'.


You can refund a held payment from a dispute thread by searching for this text under the transactions table 'You can refund held transactions here' and clicking the link. You will see a list of payment related to this dispute you can refund. Check the payments you want to refund and click 'Refund selected'. Confirm by clicking 'Refund'.


The rest of this section is a guide on how to refund a payment already sent to your PayPal account. If you already know how to refund a payment at PayPal, you can skip the rest of this section.


First you need to find the number of the transaction you want to refund. If you have an dispute for this transaction, the number will appear at the top of the dispute thread. Otherwise, search for the transaction number at My homework->Purchased answers.


Log in to your PayPal account. Go to History->Basic search->Find a transaction. Copy the transaction number to PayPal and click Show.


If you see a 'issue a refund' link, skip to the next paragraph. Click the 'issue a refund' link below. Click Continue and then click 'Issue refund'. Make sure you see a confirmation message that the refund went through.


You might see a message of this type 'This transaction is subject to a buyer Complaint .. ' instead of the 'issue a refund'. In this case you need to find the relevant PayPal dispute at the resolution center. Click the 'Grant a full refund' at the bottom of this dispute and then click Continue.




Money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

A Money Back icon on your answer means a no-questions-asked money back policy is applied. This policy applies by default if the buyer is not the author of the question unless you opt out from this policy by contacting us. Applying this policy may result in more refunds but statistics shows the overall income significantly increases as a result

When your answer is purchased under this policy, the payment will be held for 3 days. If during the first two days the student asks for his money back, all he has to do is say what he thinks is wrong with the answer. Site admin will send the refund right away.



Why did I get this strange user name and how do I change it?

Your username is a slightly obscured version of your email prefix. We had to obscure it to protect your privacy. You can change it up to three days after registration at My account->Edit. Just type in the username you would like and click Save at the bottom of the page.

How do I reset my password?

Go to Login->Request new password and type in your email. You will get an email with a password reset link

Plagiarism checks

At we put an end to plagiarism. You can get a plagiarism check of an answer before you buy it for just $2.00. Our plagiarism check is powered by Copyscape, a world leading plagiarism checker.


Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Protection Tool



After you purchase a plagirism check, a plagiarism check results link will appear at the answer header. Click it to go to the check results page and see content that is common with other pages on the Internet.
The 'Visualize' button will appear next to each match at the check restults page .It is a helper tool to easily visualize the commonality between the answer and the other Internet pages.
Your main reference should be the check results page since visualization may not work in several situations one being when the text on the other Internet page was removed.