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Health Care Finance; Operating Bugets and Capital Expenditre Budgets

5 questions

Assignment Exercise 15–1: Budgeting

Select an organization; either Metropolis Health System from the Chapter 25 Case Study or

one of the organizations presented in the Mini-Case Studies in Chapters 26–28.


1. Using the organization selected, create a budget for the next fiscal year. Set out the

details of all assumptions you needed in order to build this budget.

2. Use the “Checklist for Building a Budget” (Exhibit 15-2) and critique your own


Assignment Exercise 15–2: Budgeting

Find an existing budget from a published source. Detail should be extensive enough to

present a challenge


Assignment Exercise 15–3: Transactions outside the Operating Budget

Review Figure 15-2 and the accompanying text.

Metropolis Health System has received a wellness grant from the charitable arm of an

area electronics company. The grant will run for twenty-four months, beginning at the first

of the next fiscal year. Two therapists and two registered nurses will each be spending half

of their time working on the wellness grant. All four individuals are full-time employees of

MHS. The electronics company has only recently begun to operate the charitable organi-

zation that awarded the grant. While they have gained all the legal approvals necessary, they

have not yet provided the manuals and instructions for grant transactions that MHS usually

receives when grants are awarded. Consequently, guidance about separate accounting is

not yet forthcoming from the grantor.


How would you handle this issue on the MHS operating budget for next year?

Assignment Exercise 15–4: Identified versus Allocated Costs in Budgeting

Review Figure 15-3 and the accompanying text.

Metropolis Health System is preparing for a significant upgrade in both hardware and

software for its information systems. As part of the project, the Chief of Information Oper-

ations (CIO) has indicated that the Information Systems (IS) department can change the

format of the MHS operating budgets and related reports before the operating budget is

constructed for the coming fiscal year. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has long wanted

to modify what costs are identified and what costs are allocated (along with the method of

allocation). This is a golden opportunity to do so. To gain ammunition for the change, the

CFO is preparing to conduct a survey. The survey will obtain a variety of suggestions for po-

tential changes in allocation methods for the new operating budget report formats. You

have been selected as one of the employees who will be surveyed



Assignment Exercise 16–1: Capital Expenditure Proposals

Ted Jones, the Surgery Unit Director, is about to choose his strategy for creating a capital

expenditure funding proposal for the coming year. Ted’s unit needs more room. The

Surgery Unit is running at over 90% capacity. In addition, a prominent cardiology surgeon

on staff at the hospital wants to create a new cardiac surgery program that would require

extensive funding for more space and for new state-of-the-art equipment. The surgeon has

been campaigning with the hospital board members.

What should Ted decide to ask for? How should he go about crafting a strategy to justify his

request, given the hospital’s new scoring system?

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ANSWER FOR YOU...Exercise 15-1, 15-3, 15-4 and 16-1

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file1.docx preview (329 words)

Homework xxxx

xxxxxxxx xxx Budget for Sample Hospital’x xxxxxx Pharmacy using the assumptions xx the xxxx Study


xxx source of revenue is xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx prescribed and xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx the number of prescriptions. xxx study estimated daily xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xx 225 xxxxx xxxxx an annual estimate of xxxxxx for the first year. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx is assumed to be xxxxxx and multiplying this xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx prescriptions xxxxx xx xxx total revenue of $2,587,613.


xxx data xxx xxxxxxxx were extracted from Exhibit xxxx of the mini-case xxxxxx

xxxxx variable expense amounted to xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx which xx xxxx of xxxxx xxx $14,400 xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx

xxxxx fixed expense as xxxxxxxx xxxxxx amounted to xxxxxxxxx


xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxx Revenue $ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Variable Expense xxxxxxxxx

xxxx xx Sales x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2,047,950

Contract xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx Expense xxxxxxx

Salaries xxx xxxxx 192,000

Benefits 38,400

Materials and Supplies 12,000

xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx 15,333

xxxxxxxxx for Bad Debts xxxxxx

Misc. Exp.

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (1210 words)

xxxxxx xx 15-2

The following xx a copy of xxxxxxxxxx news xxxxxxxx from xxx website of Fort St. John City.

Searching xxx a published xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx business xxxxxx proved xx be very difficult xxx my xxxxxxxx most xxxxxxxx published xxxx xxx xx Operating Income. The components xx xxx xxx xxx xxx same however xxx xxxxx one is a plan - target revenue and expenses while the xxxxxx was xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx hesitancy, x xxxxxxxx of the city budget xx xxxx xxx xxxx was undertaken.

xxxx St. John City HallErica Fisher

Scope xx operating projects xxxxxxx to help balance xxxxxx

In order xx xxxxxxx Fort St. xxxx’s xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxx Tax Stabilization xxxxxxxx xxxxx is xxxx over xxxx of xxx xxxxx million used xxxx xxxxx xxxx’x down xxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxx originally xxxxxxxxx xx October.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

City xxxxx first look xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx Budget

Transferring xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx funds xx xx xxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.docx preview (173 words)

xxxxxx xx HW 15-3

xxx wellness xxxxx xxxxxxxx by xxx hospital from x charitable xxxxxxxxxxx is a transaction xxxxxxx of xxx operating xxxxxxx It xxx x xxxxxxxx accounting procedure. xxxxxxxxxx xx should not xxxxxx xxx operating budget. xx xxxx xxxx however, four of the hospital’s xxxxxxxxx employees were assigned xx the program xxx half-day’s work. The employees, xxxxx xxxxxxx employees, and their xxxxx xxxxxxxx to the program an official xxxxxxxxxxx can not be xxxx less xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx salaries and benefits xxx xxxxx xxx are xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx’x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx has to hire xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx therapist equivalent to x FTEs to xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx by xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxx This xxxxx entail xxxxxxxxxx expense to xxx hospital which xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx service xxxxxxxx expense.This xxxx diminish xxx hospital’x xxxxxxxxx income by a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx amount xxxxxxxx to xxx over-all benefits gained from xxx grant albeit xxx xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

file4.docx preview (315 words)

x am xxx head xx the xxxxxxxxx unitof xxx Nursing Practice xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx staff xxxxxxxx six full-time xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx six xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx be two full-timers xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx at anyone time during xxx xx hour xxxxxxxxxx

xxx following xxx the identifiable xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx my unit:

xx xxxxxxxx xxx wages

xx employee xxxxxxxx

xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx depreciation xx equipments xx the ER

xx xxxxxxxxx

5. Employee xxxxxxx

xx Payroll taxes

xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx is xxxxx 10% xx xxxxxxx nursing staff, I would estimate xxx identifiable xxxx given xxx xxxx xxxxx to xx $502,500 + 12/500(240,000+1,130,000+1,900,000)

xxx xxxx xx xxx expenses should xx allocated xxx marked A in xxx xxxxx below. Those data

xxxxxxxxx expenses for xxx xxxxx MHS and I would xxxxxxx a proportionate xxxxxx be allocated xx xx unit.I xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx of xxx xxxx’x xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx determine xxxx proportion.

xxxxxxxxxx Health xxxxxx

Schedule of Operating Expenses

xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx March 31, xx

xxxxxxx Services

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x

Operating xxxxxxxxxxxx x

xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx I

xxxxxxxxxx 150,000 I

xxxxx xxxxxxx x

xxxxx $5,025,000

xxxxxxx Services

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx A

Laundry xxxxxxx x

Housekeeping 470,000 A

Security 50,000 A

xxxxxxx Records xxxxxxx A


- - - more text follows - - -

file5.docx preview (395 words)

xxxxxx to Ex.16-1

xx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx Ted xxxxxx to weigh which xx xxx xxx capital xxxxxxxxxxx proposals(proposal for additional rooms or xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx a xxx xxxxx of xxx art equipment being pushed xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx present to xxx board.

x thorough analysis xx the xxx projects is xxxxxx as decision xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xx the xxxxx and sensitive xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx that xxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x business. xxxx is so because xx xxxxxxxx x relatively xxxxx xxxxxx of money being xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx for x xxxx xxxxxx xx time. xx is the xxxx factor xxxx xxxx risk xx xxxxxxx investment, xx there is opportunity cost xx be xxxxxxxxxxx Moreover, certain assumptions regarding time xxxxx of money may xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx problem- xxxxxxx investment is not easily xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx If xxx xxxxxxx after x xxxxx one realizes xx xxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx can xxx xxxxxx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Metropolis Health System - Case Study Ex 15-1, 15-3, 15-4 and 16-1

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file1.docx preview (1587 words)

Exercise 15 – 1:


xxxxxxxxxxx x xx increase/decrease in xxxxx

MHS xxxxxxxxx raising xxxxxxxx without xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xx Metropolis xxxxxxx xx 50,000

xxxxx is no increase in xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx year

Outpatients have increased xx 50,000 over previous xxxx

Board xx Trustees are xxxxx volunteers and no compensation xx xxxx to them

xxx number xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx at xx

The employee head count xxxxxxx xx 500

xxx members of xxx xxx foundation xxx volunteers xxx no xxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xx xxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxxxx xx MHS xx xx $50000 (based on xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx was xxxxxxxxxxxx contributed xxxx the last xxxx xxxxxx

New plans: - xxxxxxxxxx costs

Five new areas xxxx x five xxxx period:

xx Ambulatory services

xx Physical Medicine and rehabilitative services

3. Cardiovascular xxxxxxxx

xx Oncology

5. xxxxxxxxx Health

Other xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx costs and revenue move xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (79 words)

Exercise 15 – 3

Any xxxxx xxxxx has xxxx received xxx x xxxxxxxx reason xx a restricted xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx freely xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Hence, xxxx xxxxx are xxx xx xx mingled xxxx common xxxxxx Each specific grant xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx separately xxxxxxx of the xxxx that xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx given xx the xxxxxx

Exercise xx – 4

The xxxxxxxx chosen is “xxxxx’s health” xxxx Figure 25-1.

Organization xxxxx

xxxx xxxxx

file3.docx preview (208 words)

Exercise 16 xxx

The xxxxx important xxxxxxx xxxxx will xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx decision at the xxxx xx rationed xxxxxxx are:

xxxxxx xxx the request

Cost of xxxxxxx

xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxx

xxx Jones should justify xxx case xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx following points xx xxxxx

The xxxxxxx of the request xx to xxx xxx more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

More xxxxx xx xxxxxx to build xxx xxxxxxx activities especially xxxxxxxxxxx

x detailed drawing xx xxx xxxxx should be xxxxxxxxxx

A xxxxx of the existing vendors to xx xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxx xx be chosen xxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx the art xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx outflow should be xxxxxxxxxx

x xxxxx xx the construction and xxxxxxxxxxx work to xx xxxx and cash xxxxxxxx to xx xxxxxxxxxx

Approximate cash xxxxxxx xxxx xxx extra space/additional xxxxxxxxx xx be xxxxxxxxxx for the next xxxx years.

Any additional capital outflow required xxxx the xxxx xxxx xxxxx to be determined.

xxx net cash

- - - more text follows - - -

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