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has globalization improved trade union in represent workers in Asia?

has globalization improved trade union in represent workers in Asia?

Submitted by humblejeff on Mon, 2012-04-16 08:23
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xxxxxxxxxxxxx has xxxxxx x vital role xx opening up xxx xxxxx economy xx changes. xx particular importance to note xx its xxxxxx xx xxxxx union xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the past there xxx very xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx workers either got little pay xxx their xxxxxxxxx labor or remained unemployed. xxxx was xxxxxx xx x xxxxxx of adequate xxxxxxxxxxx to protect xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx In xxx xxxxx days of globalisation, there was little change in the representation of xxxxxxx rights xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx Most of the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx and globalisation xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx multinationals and xxx companies xxx xxx xxxxxxxx did not trickle xxxx xx workers. xxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx changing xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx various legislation to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx from exploitation. xxxxxxx are allowed to xxx xxxxx xxx trade xxxxxx to represent xxxx during xxxxxxxxxx disputes.

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