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Submitted by limra on Tue, 2013-07-23 09:46
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Following are selected financial data in thousands of dollars for the Hunter Corporation.

Following are selected financial data in thousands of dollars for the Hunter Corporation. Current assets $500 Fixed assets, net 700 Total assets 1,200 Current liabilities 300 Long-term debt 200 Common equity 700 Total liabilities and equity Net sales $1,200 Net sales $1,500 Total expenses -1,390 Net income 110 a.Calculate Hunters rate of return on total assets in 2012 and in 2011. Did the ratio improve or worsen? b.Diagram the expanded Du Pont system for Hunter for 2012. Insert the appropriate dollar amounts wherever possible. c.Use the Du Pont system to calculate the return on assets for the two years, and determine why they changed.

Submitted by limra on Tue, 2013-07-23 09:46
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xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx financial data xx xxxxxxxxx of dollars for the xxxxxx Corporation.
xxxxxxx xxxxxx $500xxxx
Fixed assets, netxxxxxx
Total assets 1,2001,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 300200
Long-term debtxxx xxx
Common equity700 xxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx equityxxxxxx $1,000
xxx xxxxxxxxxxx $1,200
xxxxx expenses (-1,390) xxxxxxxx
Net xxxxxx xxx xxx
a) Calculate xxxxxxxx xxxx xx return xx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx and in 2011. xxx the xxxxx improve xx xxxxxxx
xxx = Net xxxxxxxxxxxx assets
xxxx 2011
Return xx total assets = xxxxx10.00%
xxx xxxxx about what percentage xx xxxxxxxx were xxxxxxxxx from investing asset. xxxx ROA worsen xxxx 2011 xx 2012
xx Diagram xxx xxxxxxxx duPont xxxxxx for Hunter xxx 2012. Insert xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx possible.
Under xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx = Profit xxxxxx × Total asset turnover
ROA = xxx incomex xxxxx
Sales xxxxx xxxxxx
ROA = $110x $1,500
c) Use the DuPont xxxxxx to calculate the xxxxxx xx assets xxx xxx x xxxxxx xxx determine why xxxx xxxxxxxx
2012 * xxxxx
ROA x 9.17% 10.00%
xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xx increase xx total xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx’x xxxxxxxx sufficient net xxxxxx to xxx increased assets.

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