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Submitted by willietanks on Sat, 2012-07-14 21:45
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Financial & Managerial Accounting Questions

I have attached a few PDFs with pages.  Please keep in mind this is due in 26 hours.


Individual Assignment:

Chapter 3:

  • Brief Exercise 3.1 (pages 117-118)
  • Brief Exercise 3.3
  • Brief Exercise 3.5

Chapter 4:

  • Brief Exercise 4.3 (page 166)
  • Brief Exercise 4.4
  • Brief Exercise 4.5

Chapter 5:

  • Brief Exercise 5.1 (page 216)
  • Brief Exercise 5.3
  • Brief Exercise 5.4

Chapter 6:

  • Brief Exercise 6.1 (page 270)
  • Brief Exercise 6.3
  • Brief Exercise 6.5



Chapter 7:

  • Self-Test Questions (pages 315-316)

Chapter 7:

  • Exercise 7.3 (pages 320 - 322)
  • Exercise 7.5
  • Exercise 7.6
  • Exercise 7.7
  • Exercise 7.9
  • Exercise 7.14


If you need more information please let me know but the earlier you let me know the better.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Mon, 2012-07-16 02:07
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the complete solution

body preview (19 words)

the main issue xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx and xxxxx x xxx xx xxxx to note them

file1.docx preview (2863 words)

xxxxxxx 3:

xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx (pages xxxxxxxx

Brief Exercise xxx

xxxxx Exercise 3.5


xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx are eight steps comprising x complete accounting xxxxx

xxxx these xxxxx in the sequence xx which they xxxxx xx performed

xxxxxxxx ways xx which the xxxxxxxxxxx produced through the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx is used by a xxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

xxx xx

xxxxxxxxxx transactions

xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx date on xxx xxxxxx

Prepare a trial xxxxxxx

xxxx end-of-period adjustments

Prepare an adjusted xxxxx xxxxxxx

Prepare xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxx post the closing entries

Prepare xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxx records xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx income tax xxxxxxxx and other accounting reports. In addition, these xxxxxxx are used by the company's xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxx such purposes xxx

Establishing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Keeping xxxxx of xxxxxxx business activities.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx about specific xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx the performance xx units xxxxxx the business.

xxxxxxxxxxx x documentary record of the business xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxx xx required xx xxx xxxx and xx xx


record xxxx of xxxxx transactions

xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Services






- - - more text follows - - -

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