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Submitted by AcctgHelp on Sat, 2012-07-21 02:28
due on Sun, 2012-07-22 02:26
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Financial Analysis problem

I need this done within the next day and a half. It's not a truckload of work, but the price will be reasonable for getting it done in a timely manner.

Submitted by neel on Sat, 2012-07-21 16:10
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assignment as discussed with you-NEEL

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xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (1173 words)


1xxxxxxx xxxxxxx=xxxxxxx Assets-Current xxxxxxxxxxx
x 871000-290000
Working Capital measures companies xxxxx term xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx whether company xxxx xx xxxx to pay xxx short term liabilities
x xxxxxxx Ratio xCurrent Assets/Current xxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx ratio xxxxx xxxxxxx company xxxx xx able to pay xxx short term xxxxxxxxxxx or not. Here xxxxxxx has very healthy ratio xx xxxx 3 xxxxx shows xxxxxxx to pay short term xxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxx xxxxx xQuick xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
= (Cash & Cash Equivalent+ xxxxx Term Investments+ xxxxxxxx Receivable)/Current xxxxxxxxxxx
x 2.6275862069
This ratio tells xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx is xxxx xx meets xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx with xxxx xxxxxx assets. And with this ratio the xxxxxxx is xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx twice with xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xAccounts receivable turnover = xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts xxxxxxxxxx
Average xxxxxxxx Receivable x(Accounts xxxxxxxxxx xxx 2007+Accounts xxxxxxxxxx xxx 2008)/2
xxx Credit SalesxNet Sales for 2008
Accounts receivable turnoverxxxx Credit xxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts xxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
= xxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by limra on Sat, 2013-11-09 06:14
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baby cake complete solution part A,B,C & D WITH WORKINGS

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xxxxxxxxx of Retained xxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
Statement xx xxxxxxxx Earnings
for the xxxxx ended December 31, xxxx and xxxx
xxxxxxxx 31, 2008xxxxxxxx xxx 2007
xxxxxxxx Earnings, January 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx income for yearxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dividends xxxx
Preferred Stock $15,000xxxxxxx
Common Stock 7,000xxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Earnings December xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Income xxxxxxxxx

xxxx Cakes xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
Income xxxxxxxxx
for the Years ended xxxxxxxx xxx 2008 and xxxx
Sales $1,055,000$966,000
Sales returns 1,000 3,000
xxxxx Allowances 1,500xxxxx
xxxxx Discounts 2,500xxxxx
xxx xxxxx$1,050,000$960,000
Cost xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx390,000
Gross xxxxxxxxxxxxxx$570,000
xxxxxxx Expenses xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Administrative xxxxxxxx 195,000165,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx expenses $465,000$440,000
Income from Operations$185,000$130,000
Other incomexxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Other xxxxxxx96,000 48,000
xxxxxx before Tax$109,000 $97,000
xxxxxx Tax xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx$67,000

xxxxxxx Sheet

Baby xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxx Sheet
xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx and 2007
xxxxxxxx 31, 2008xxxxxxxx 31, 2007
xxxxxxx Assets
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Securities xxxxxxx 254,000
A/R xxxxxxx 165,000
Total Current Assets xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx Term Investments 300,000xxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx and Equipment xxxx of depreciation) 1,040,000xxxxxxx
xxxxx Assetsxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Payable$290,000 xxxxxxxx
xxxx Term xxxxxxxxxxx
Mortgage xxxx payable , 8% due xxxx300,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx due xxxx600,000 xxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx $900,000 xxxxxxxx
xxxxx Liabilities$1,190,000 xxxxxxxx
Stockholders' Equity
Preferred $6 xxxxxx xxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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