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Submitted by ramrog on Fri, 2012-05-18 16:10
due on Tue, 2012-05-22 16:07
answered 3 time(s)
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Finance Class - 419

Please follow directions inside the attachments.. Must show all work

Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-05-22 08:52
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assignment as discussed with you-NEEL

body preview (3 words)

here xxx go.......

file1.xlsx preview (617 words)


Cash Outflow=10000000
Cash xxxxxx
Year xxxxxx Discounting rate@9%xx Inflows
x 2500000 xxxxx 2292500
x2500000 xxxxx 1930000
x 2500000xxxxx 1770000
x 25000000.65 xxxxxxx
72500000xxxxx 1367500
x3500000 xxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx Inflows at xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx at PVxxxxxxxx
xxxxAmountDiscounting xxxxxxxxPV Inflows
xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx
b xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxx xxxxx1645000
xxxxxxxx0.593 1482500
x25000000.535 1337500
x xxxxxxx0.481 1202500
8 3500000xxxxx 1519000
xxxxx Inflows at PV xxxxxxxx
Total Outflows xx xx10000000
Year AmountDiscounting rate@13%PV Inflows
12500000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
2 25000000.783 xxxxxxx
x 2500000 xxxxx1732499.9999999998
4 2500000xxxxx1532500
5 2500000 xxxxx1357500
62500000 xxxx1200000
x 2500000 0.4251062500
Total xxxxxxx xx xx12371000
Total xxxxxxxx xx PVxxxxxxxx
Year xxxxxx Discounting xxxxxxxxPV Inflows
12500000 xxxxx xxxxxxx
3 2500000 xxxxx xxxxxxx
42500000 0.571 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1(d) 5 xxxxxxx xxxxx 1242500
625000000.432 1080000
x2500000 0.376940000
8 xxxxxxxxxxxx 1141000
Total xxxxxxx at PV 11536000
Total Outflows xx PV xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx x
Year AmountDiscounting rate@15% PV Inflows
1 xxxxxxxxxx 15642
218000 xxxxx 13608
4 xxxxx0.571 10278
xxxxxx xxxxx8946
x 18000 0.432xxxx
7 18000 xxxxxxxxx
8xxxxx0.326 5868
9xxxxx xxxxx5094
xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Inflows at PVxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx at PV100000
xxx xxxxx
Year Amount xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

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file2.xlsx preview (150 words)


xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx = Cost xx xxxxxxx + Installation Cost = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx year x Capital Spending/Number xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx = $600,000
xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx xxxx xxx year
xxxx xx x 3
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Operating xxxx Flows
xxxxx (Units) xxxxx 65000 xxxxx
xxxxx (Amount) xxxxxxxxxx $13,000,000 $5,250,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx $8,450,000 $4,550,000
Less: Depreciation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Less: xxxxx Costxxxxxxx $40,000 xxxxxxx
Earning xxxxxx Tax $2,160,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Less: taxesxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx $2,346,000 xxxxxxx
xxxx Depreciationxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $600,000
Operating xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Capital xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Capital xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx$60,000
xxx Cash xxxx-$1,860,000$1,896,000 $2,946,000 xxxxxxxx
xx xxx assumed Initial Working capital is recoverable xx xxx xx year 3 and xxxxx be incurred xx the beginning of year.
2. xxxxxxxxx the NPV and IRR of the xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx calculations in x Word document or an Excel xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx
YearCash Flow PV xxxxxx @ xxx Present xxxxx
x($1,860,000)1.0000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
x$696,000 0.751 $522,696
xxx 93.69%



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Submitted by shahimermaid on Fri, 2012-05-18 18:06
teacher rated 386 times
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the answer is explained in the simplest way in attached file

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file1.doc preview (282 words)

xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx document.  

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Project

xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx calculate xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx cash flow, xxx change in xxx working capital, xxx xxxxxxx xxx free xxxx xxxx xx the firm xx the project. xx is these free xxxx flows that xxx xxxx that xxx discounted at the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx capital to xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx present value and xxx xxxxxxxx rate xx return.

You xxxx assess xxxxxxx xx make xxx xxxxxxxxxx or not. Use xxxx accept-reject xxxxx for the net present value xxx xxx internal rate xx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx Inc. xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx current operations. xxx xxxxxxx xxx below.


xxxx xx xxx new project


Installation costs


Estimated xxxx sales xx year 1



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file2.doc preview (1005 words)

xxxx Four Individual Problems (1-8)

xxxxx xx receive xxxxxxx show xxxx xx xxx problems (It xxx xx shown as Excel xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx inputs xx well) xx xxxxxx this sheet xx in Excel. xxx instance, xx solving for xxx xx of x xxx xx 6% xxxx x xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx following: xx = xxxxx N=5, I=6 and FV =133.82 (which xxxxx xx the answer).

xxxxxxxx Trucking xx xxxxxxxxxxx whether xx expand xxx regional service xxxxxx in Mohab, UT. The expansion xxxxxxxx the expenditure of $10,000,000 on new xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxx generate annual xxx xxxx inflows from xxxxxxx xxxxx of operations equal xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx year xxx xxxx xx xxx next eight xxxxxx xx xxxx eight the xxxx will also get back a cash xxxx equal to the xxxxxxx value of the equipment which

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xlsx preview (508 words)


PVF x 9%PV xxx x xxx xxPVF xxxxxxPVF @ xxx PV
year x xxxxxxxxxxxxx
year 1$2,500,0000.9172293577.982 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx2212389.381 0.8702173913.043
xxxx x$2,500,000 xxxxx 2104199.9830.812xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 1957866.7080.756 1890359.168
year 3xxxxxxxxxx 0.7721930458.700 0.731 1827978.453 xxxxx1732625.406xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
year 4 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 1771063.028 0.6591646827.435 0.6131533296.8190.5721429383.114
year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1624828.466xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx0.4971242941.838
year x $2,500,000xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.480 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1080818.990
year x$2,500,000 xxxxx1367585.612xxxxx1204146.027xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx939842.600
xxxx x $3,500,000 0.502xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1518742.737 0.376 xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14338914.067xxxxxxxxxxxx 12373085.598 xxxxxxxxxxxx
NPV= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2373085.598xxxxxxxxxxx
PVF@10% PVPVF@15% xxxxxxxxxPvPVF@13%PV
xxxx 0 ($100,000)
xxxx 1$18,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.870xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 0.885xxxxxxxxx
xxxx 2 xxxxxxx 0.826xxxxxxxxx 0.756 13610.586 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.783 14096.640
year xxxxxxxx 0.75113523.666 0.65811835.2920.712xxxxxxxxx 0.693 12474.903
xxxx 4 xxxxxxx0.683 12294.242 0.572 xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx11039.737
year xxxxxxxx0.621xxxxxxxxx 0.497xxxxxxxx0.56710213.683 0.543 xxxxxxxx
year 6 xxxxxxx0.564 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx0.507xxxxxxxx 0.480 xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxx0.5139236.846 0.3766766.867xxxxxxxxxxxxx0.425xxxxxxxx
xxxx 8 $18,000 xxxxx8397.1330.327 5884.232xxxxx 7269.8980.376 xxxxxxxx
year x$18,000 0.424 7633.757 0.284 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Smalhotra on Mon, 2012-05-28 05:57
teacher rated 0 times
price: $10.00

please find attachment

body preview (5 words)

xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx excel xxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (153 words)


Capital Spending = Cost xx xxxxxxx x Installation Cost x 1700000+100000 =$18,00,000
Depreciation xxx xxxx x xxxxxxx Spending/Number of Years= xxxxxxxxx x $600,000
Calculation xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx
Year 0x 2 x
xxxxxxx Spending-$1,800,000
Operating xxxx Flows
Sales (Units) 40000xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxx (Amount)xxxxxxxxxx$13,000,000$5,250,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx $5,200,000 xxxxxxxxxx $4,550,000
Less: xxxxxxxxxxxx $600,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx Costxxxxxxx $40,000$40,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$60,000
Less: taxesxxxxxxxx$1,564,000xxxxxxx
Income xxxxx Tax$1,296,000xxxxxxxxxx$36,000
xxxx Depreciation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $600,000
Operating xxxx Flows $1,896,000 $2,946,000 $636,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Requirements
Working Capital xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Net Cash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$1,896,000 $2,946,000$696,000
xx Its xxxxxxx Initial Working capital xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx of year x and xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx the xxx and xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx Show xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx in a Word document or an xxxxx spreadsheet.
xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx
xxxx Cash xxxx PV xxxxxx x xxxPresent Value
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
1xxxxxxxxxx 0.909$1,723,464
3$696,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx
Calculation of xxx94%



file2.xlsx preview (774 words)


Ans 1
Cash Outflowx 10000000
xxxx Inflow
xxxxAmount xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxPV Inflows
x 2500000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2292500
xxxxxxxx0.84199999999999997 xxxxxxx
4 25000000.70799999999999996xxxxxxx
525000000.65 1625000
6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
7 25000000.547000000000000041367500
x3500000 0.502 1757000
xxxxx Inflows at PVxxxxxxxx
Total Outflows xx xx 10000000
Yearxxxxxx Discounting xxxxxxxxPV xxxxxxx
1 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2252500
x xxxxxxx 0.81200000000000006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 xxxxxxx0.592999999999999971482500
7xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
83500000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Total Inflows xx xx xxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxx xx PVxxxxxxxx
Year AmountDiscounting xxxxxxxx xx Inflows
1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1532500
x25000000.54300000000000004 xxxxxxx
x2500000 xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx 0.42499999999999999xxxxxxx
x 3500000 0.376 xxxxxxx
Total Inflows xx PV12371000
xxxxx Outflows at xx10000000
xxx 2371000
Yearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx rate@15% xx Inflows
x 2500000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2172500
2 xxxxxxx0.75600000000000001xxxxxxx
3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1642500
42500000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1427499.9999999998
x 25000000.4971242500
x 2500000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
7xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
x 3500000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxx at PV11536000
Total Outflows at xx 10000000
NPV 1536000
xxx 2
Yearxxxxxx Discounting xxxxxxxx xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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