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fin 571 week 1 quiz

1.       Which of the following business organizational forms subjects the owner(s) to unlimited liability?


2.       Which of the following business organizational forms is easiest to raise capital?

3.       Which organizational form best enables the owners of the firm to monitor the actions of other owners of the same firm?

4.       Which of the following factors or activities can be controlled by the management of the firm?

5.       The legal system and market forces impose substantial costs on individuals and institutions that engage in unethical behavior. Which of the following would not be an example of the above?

6.       The most common reason that corporate firms use the futures and options markets is

7.       Galan Associates prepared its financial statement for 2008 based on the information given here. The company had cash worth  $1,234, inventory worth  $13,480, and accounts receivables of  $7,789. The company's net fixed assets are  $42,331, and other assets are  $1,822. It had accounts payables of  $9,558, notes payables of  $2,756, common stock of  $22,000, and retained earnings of  $14,008. How much long-term debt does the firm have?

8.       Tre-Bien Bakeries generated net income of $233,412 this year. At year end, the company had accounts receivables of $47,199, inventory of $63,781, and cash of $21,461. It also had accounts payables of $51,369, short-term notes payables of $11,417, and accrued taxes of $6,145. The net working capital of the firm is

9.       Which of the following best represents cash flows to investors?

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fin 571 week 1 quiz

body preview (4 words)

xxx 571 week x xxxx

file1.docx preview (503 words)

xxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx organizational xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx owner(s) to xxxxxxxxx liability?

Which xx the following business organizational xxxxx is xxxxxxx to xxxxx capital?

Which organizational xxxx xxxx enables xxx owners xx xxx firm xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx of xxx xxxx xxxxx

xxxxx of xxx following xxxxxxx or activities can xx xxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxx xx the firm?

xxx legal system and xxxxxx xxxxxx impose substantial xxxxx xx individuals xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxx in unethical xxxxxxxxx xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx would xxx xx an example of the above?

xxx most xxxxxx xxxxxx that corporate xxxxx use xxx futures and options markets xx

Galan xxxxxxxxxx prepared its xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx given xxxxx The company had xxxx xxxxx  xxxxxxx inventory xxxxx  $13,480, and accounts receivables of  $7,789. The company's net fixed assets are  xxxxxxxx and other assets xxx  $1,822. xx xxx accounts payables of  $9,558, xxxxx payables xx  $2,756,

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