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fin 5

1.   How does the statement of cash flows add to the analyst’s perspective about a company? Remember to include the free cash flows in your responses.

2.   Financial ratios by themselves cannot determine whether or not a firm's stock or bond is a good buy. Explain and give examples to demonstrate clarity to your responses.




2. A firm has the following items on its balance sheet: Cash $ 20,000,000 Inventory 134,000,000 Notes payable to bank 31,500,000 Common stock ($10 par; 1,000,000 shares outstanding) 10,000,000 Retained earnings 98,500,000
Describe how each of these accounts would appear after the following: a) A cash dividend of $1 per share b) A 10 percent stock dividend (fair market value of stock is $13 per share) c) A 3-for-1 stock split d) A 1-for-2 reverse stock split
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balance sheet is attached to each option to help u understand

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xxx does xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx flows xxx xx xxx analyst’s perspective about a xxxxxxxx Remember to xxxxxxx xxx free xxxx flows in your responses.

A measure xx a xxxxxxxxx ability to generate xxx cash flow is xxxxxxxxx to maintain xxxxxxxxxxx The cash flow statement xxxxxxxxx represents earnings xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx taxes, depreciation, and xxxxxxxxxxxx (EBITDA). Cash xxxx xxx xxxxxx focus specifically xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx company's xxxxxx xxxxxxxx operations, xxxxxxxxxxx xx outside xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxx taxes

Cash xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx important part xx a xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx A cash xxxx statement provides x snapshot xx money coming xxxx and xxxxx out xx the company's xxxxxxx Its xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx the xxxx that it xxx xx used as x tool to predict future xxxx

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