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Submitted by vadlov on Thu, 2012-05-31 13:25
due on Fri, 2012-06-01 13:24
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1. What are some actions that companies have taken to make takeovers more difficult to achieve?

2. Which is better for a stock? Current dividends or growth? Please explain your answer.

3. How would you figure out whether or not a stock is a "good buy"?

4. Provide an unique example of a publicly traded preferred stock. Who issued the stock? Why would someone want to purchase this preferred stock instead of another form of security issued by the same firm?

Submitted by neel on Sat, 2012-06-02 03:50
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assignment as discussed with you-NEEL

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Please xxxx xxxxxxxx your assignment

file1.docx preview (671 words)

What are xxxx actions that companies xxxx xxxxx to make xxxxxxxxx more xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx


x xxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx to xxxxx x hostile xxxx xx a xxxxxxxx xxx that matter xxx target companies use xxxx unheard of techniques xx make xxxxxxxxxx less attractive xxx the xxxxxxxxx company. x xxx of xxx techniques are xxxxxxxxx below:

xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx joins hands xxxx a friendly company which offers a friendly xxx xx avoid x xxxxxxx xxx xxxx by x third xxxxxx

Shark repellent: xxxxxxxxx the companies xxxx xxxx changes xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx that become xxxxxx xxxx xxxx a hostile bid is made xxx xxx xxxxxxxx Activation xx those conditions xxx xxxxxxxx to xxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx less attractive xxx xxx xxxxxxx

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