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Submitted by gariag on Thu, 2012-04-26 17:14
due on Mon, 2012-04-30 17:07
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Excel Project

I am attaching the directions in a PDF format, and the actual pre-made excel document. I need this in four hours. so around 8pm cst

Submitted by Kumail Raza on Thu, 2012-04-26 22:15
teacher rated 24 times
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Answer file is attached. Feel free to contact on any query

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Inventory-Specialty xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx Architectural xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Furniture xxx Accessories
xxxx xxxxxxxx 4/27/12
Number of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Price Number xx xxxxxxxx xx be Ordered
xxxxxxxxx 37214.411621621623
Accessories 27 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx17
xxxxxxxx Quantity xx Stock Retail Price xxxxxxxxxxxx Stock xxxxx
1254-Oxxxxxxxx xxxx Chair xxxxxxxxx Order
xxxxxxx x 49.99 Work Chair xxxxxxxxxOrder
2234-A 12 x 236.95 Lateral File xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
2238-A3 * xxxxxx Tower File 1FurnitureOrder
xxxxxx25 x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxOk
2452-Axxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx LightAccessoriesxx
xxxxxx8* 129.99 xxxxxxxAccessories xxxxx
3243-O 12* xxxxx Side Chairs xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
3244-Oxx 445.99 Physician DeskFurniture xxxxx
xxxxxx x* xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxOrder
3251-O 30 x 49.94Multipurpose xxxxxx Furniture xx
3425-O xxx xxxxxStacking xxxxxx Furniture Ok
3450-Ox x 425.95 Lounge Seating FurnitureOrder
xxxxxx 13 x 34.95xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
3452-O18 x xxxxxStoolsxxxxxxxxx xx
xxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Order
xxxxxx 28x 354.99 xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx Ok
3456-H xx x xxxxxxxxxxxx CartsFurniture xx
xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxOrder
3478-A24x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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