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Submitted by HonestAbe on Fri, 2013-08-30 03:42
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Eve and Frank own twenty acres of land on which there is a warehouse (answer attached)

1A. Eve and Frank own twenty acres of land on which there is a warehouse surrounded by a fence. What is the most important factor in determining whether the fence is a fixture?




2A.         Sam owns an acre of land on Red River. The government dams the river. A lake forms behind the dam, covering Sam’s land. Does the government owe Sam anything? If so, what? If not, why?


Submitted by HonestAbe on Fri, 2013-08-30 03:42
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xx. xxx xxx Frank own twenty acres xx land on which xxxxx is x warehouse xxxxxxxxxx xx x fence. xxxx is the most xxxxxxxxx factor xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the fence is a xxxxxxxx


The xxxx important factor in xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx an xxxx is a fixture xx the intent xx xxx owners. xxxxx xxxxxxx include whether xxx xxxx can xx removed xxxxxxx damaging xxx real xxxxxxxxx and whether the item is xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx as xx have become a xxxx xx xxx real xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the property, xxx xxxx xxx xxxx be considered x xxxxxxxx


2A.         xxx xxxx an acre of xxxx on xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx dams xxx xxxxxx A lake forms xxxxxx xxx xxxx covering Sam’s xxxxx xxxx the government owe Sam xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx If not, why?



xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx take private property xxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx but xx xxxxxx do xxx xxxxx the Fifth xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx paying the xxxxxxxx owner xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx In some cases, to xxxxxx xxxxxx a

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