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Evaluate 5.2 Problem 5

Aspen Plastics produces plastic bottles to customer order. The quality inspector randomly selects four bottles from the bottle machine and measures the outside diameter of the bottle neck, a critical quality dimension that determines whether the bottle cap will fit properly. The dimensions (inches) from the last six samples are in the attached file.

Assume that only these six samples are sufficient, and use the data to determine control limits for an R and an X chart.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Sun, 2012-05-06 01:46
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xxxxxx12 xx xxxxx diameterAv, diameter Range
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.622 0.597999999999999980.59 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.601 3.2000000000000028E-2
2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.61099999999999999 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx2.6000000000000023E-2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.57999999999999996 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3.1000000000000028E-2
xxxxx0.614999999999999990.58499999999999996 0.577999999999999962.3879999999999999 xxxxx3.7000000000000033E-2
5 0.579999999999999960.624 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.609 4.4000000000000039E-2
6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.59299999999999997xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.568999999999999952.3540000000000001xxxxx3.8000000000000034E-2
totalxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mean xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx0.597
mean of xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
A2 FOR xxx xx 0.483
xxxx 0.597+ xxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxx
xxxx 0.597- xxxxx x 0.035= 0.580



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