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Submitted by Clay1203 on Sun, 2012-05-06 01:31
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Evaluate 5.2 Problem 11

Jim Outfitters, Inc. makes custom fancy shirts for cowboys. The shirts could be flawed in various ways, including flaws in the weave or color of the fabric, loose buttons or decorations, wrong dimensions, and uneven stitches. Jim randomly examined 10 shirts, with the following results which are in the attached table.

a. Assuming that 10 observations are adequate for these purposes, determine the three sigma control limits for defects per shirt.

b. Suppose that the next shirt has 13 flaws. What can you say about the process now?

Submitted by shahimermaid on Sun, 2012-05-06 02:41
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ShirtDefects xxxx xxx (xi-x bar)^2ShirtDefects xi-x bar xxxxx bar)^2
18xx1 8 1.3600000000000003xxxx
xx-6 xx2x xxxxx xxxxx
3x1 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.13
4 xx 6 36 4xx5.36 xxxxx
5 xxx 5 -1.6399999999999997 xxxx
x xxx16x 103.3600000000000003 xxxxx
x x xx xx x 2-4.6399999999999997 xxxxx
8 4 xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
x 6x x 9 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10 6x x10 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.41
60114 1113 6.3640.45
xxxxx xxxxx x 6mean= 73/11= 6.64
xxx sq rt 114/9= xxxxsd= sq xx 158.55/10=3.98
x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx of xxxxxx xx xxx x xxxxxx limits for means xx sample of xxx
xxx = mean x xxxxxxxxxxx 6 + xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxUCL x mean + xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +3(3.98/3.32)= xxxx x xxx = xx defects
xxxxxxx line = xxxx 6 xxxxxxx line = meanxxxxx x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 6-3 =3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 6.64-3.6=x defects



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