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Ethics unit 7

Ethics unit 7

Part Two - Final Project

Complete and submit for grading Part Two of your final project. Follow the instructions below:

Download the documents for Final Project Part 2

•Download the Case #2 from Doc Sharing. This can be found in the document called "LS312 Final Project.doc".

Write in your responses

Question A) What is this corporation's social corporate responsibility for each ethical issue or concern for the four areas of corporate social responsibility? Write a minimum of 2 pages in APA format addressing these issues and citing one of the philosophers from the diagram above to help you substantiate your argument or viewpoint.





Question B) This question is on Stakeholder Management. Write a minimum of 2 pages in APA format addressing the questions below regarding these stakeholders: employee, the customer, the community and the shareholders:

•What is each of the above stakeholders' interests for each ethical issue or concern you identified? What are the stakeholders’ responsibilities for each ethical issue or concern you identified? What are the possible decisions the corporation could make for each ethical issue or concern, and what are the possible effects on the stakeholders?

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Before you submit your assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember. Make sure your assignment is in the appropriate format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other), then, when you are ready, you may submit on the Dropbox page.

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Ethics unit 7 Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Introduction Generally, corporate social responsibility refers to the company’s duty in ensuring that the stakeholders’ issues are addressed accordingly. Clean power’s stakeholders include managers

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx 7 xxx PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx 7 xxx xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT �2�

Ethics xxxx xx







Generally, corporate xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx refers to xxx company’x duty in ensuring xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx’ issues are addressed xxxxxxxxxxxx Clean xxxxx’x stakeholders include xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx suppliers, employees and customers. For xxxxxxxx xxx major xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx Company xxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xx septic systems xxx roads.

xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx

There xxx xxxxx differences regarding xxx interest xx stakeholders. xxxxxxxx common interest xxxxxx when it comes to xxx xxxxx xx road construction xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx concerns. For example xxxxxx xx concern with the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of ensuring xxxx xxx xxxx leading to xxx xxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The management xx the xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx the environmental impacts that xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx due xx the xxxxxxxxx of waste xxxx the xxxxxx xxxx regard

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