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Corporate Responsibility

Ethics unit 5

Corporate Responsibility

Go to

Read Case #1 "Family Business." Prepare a three-page analysis that applies the four theories of ethics using examples, relates what distinguishes the requirements for each individual theory and illustrates how the ethical theories are used in reasoned decision making. Also, your paper should answer the questions below.

Remember to review the checklist requirements.


•Who are the stakeholders in this case?

•What are the interests of the stakeholders?

Legal Analysis

•Do any of the labor or employment laws from the eGuide apply to this case?

•If they do apply, analyze the legality of the corporation’s actions in this case.

•If the laws do not apply to the actions in this case, explain why they do not apply.

Ethical Analysis

•If the decision maker applied the categorical imperative theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?

•If the decision maker applied the utilitarian theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?

•If the decision maker applied the rights theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?

•If the decision maker applied the justice theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?

Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the previous page, as well as what you have learned about ethical theories and foundations of moral development, what is your final recommendation to the corporation regarding this case? Your recommendation should be at least two paragraphs and include at least three reasons, with specific references to course material, stating how you arrived at that conclusion.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Before you submit your assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember. Make sure your assignment is in the appropriate format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other), then, when you are ready, you may submit on the Dropbox page.

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Ethics A+++++++++++++++++Used work

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xxxxxxx head: LAW AND ETHICS � xxxx �1� LAW xxx xxxxxx x xxx xxxx �2�

xxxxxxx theories


xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx Eddie, Greg, Other xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Jane xxxxxxxx is to xxxxxxx her duty with integrity xxx report to xxxxx xxx interest of Eddie xx to assist xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx high commission xxxxx Brad xxxxxxxx xx in the overall functioning of the xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Other technicians xxx interested in higher commission xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx benefits. And xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx their xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx labor laws xxx employment laws focuses on discrimination xx xxxxxxxxxx on xxx basis xx xxxxx xxxxxx sex, religion etc. xxxxx laws xxxxxxx equal pay xxx equal work xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx certain xxxxxxx wages to the

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