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Ethical Situations in Business

Ethics Homework

Please see the attachments.  There is a Task 1 and Task 2 to this assignement.  I also attached the Grading Rubrics for each task, I have to get above a 2 in each part of the rubric to task to pass - so I must minimum.  Please follow all instructions in detail, They must be APA style and I will need references and a reference page, it must pass plagiarism checker also.  This is the first of 4 assignments I will need done over the next 2 months, do well on this and I have a Business Capstone that is a business plan that is next and I will pay at least $100 for that one, I will also have a speech/presentation I will need assistance with and a humanties project.  Do this correct and quick and you will earn the other projects.  I need unlimited re-writes also.  Thank You!

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developing code of ethics and Company Social Responsibility

body preview (15 words)


Kindly xxxx xxx work xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx leave x review.


Thank xxx

file1.doc preview (632 words)


xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Company x attitude is xxxxxxx influenced xx its xxxxx of xxxx xxx xxxx xxx illustration xx is clear that xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx very conscious xx its xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xxxxx xx suggest xxxxxx irresponsibility xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx is reluctant xx spend xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxx of the society. The company xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the society xxxxxxxx it from building x xxxx relationship with xxx customers. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx xx serve and care xxx the welfare of xxx society xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx any xxxxxxxxxxx xx making xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx the xxxx with company xx xxxxx xxxxxxx to throw away food xxx is xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx healthy xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx company x xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx responsible. What xxx

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file2.doc preview (1461 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxx ETHICS PROGRAM xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx � PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT �6�

xxxxxx Program



Develop xx applicable standards xxx procedures xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx four xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx or unacceptable xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx x code xx xxxxxx

Code of ethics xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx within xx organization that guide the xxxxxxxxx on how xx conduct and make decision in the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx main xxxxxxx xx code xx ethics xx xx xxxxx employees and xxx other stakeholders’ xxxxxxxxxx on how xx xxxx ethical decision. xxxxx of ethics xx x xxxxxxxx are xxxxxx as policy statement. xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx of ethics which xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx normally xxxx xxxx legislation that binds xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx sanctions incase an employee violates any xx xxx code. xxx sanctions are paramount xx make xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx any employee xxx bleaches xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx severely xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx it be a xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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