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Submitted by tausby on Sun, 2014-02-16 16:45
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Activity Instruction

Unfortunately, in recent times, we have seen a number of examples of unethical behavior in organizations, often tied to the organization's handling of finances. Discuss ethical issues facing the top leadership or financial managers in today's corporate environment regarding their approach to the financial matters of the firm. What pressures exist that might encourage unethical behavior, particularly as it pertains to the firm's financial reporting or situation? How might these be mitigated? (You might want to conduct a search to identify examples or to examine actions suggested or taken to help mitigate these instances.)


Post a substantive initial post by Thursday. Support your post as appropriate with the theories presented in this week's required reading.

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The recent re-examination of ethics in financial management can xxxxxx be xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx scandal. Few in academia would argue xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx scandal xx xxxxxxx to ethics xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx 2001, Arthur Andersen was considered one of xxx Big xxxx xxxxxxxxxx firms in the xxxxxx States. A 2002 Bloomberg Businessweek special xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx of Arthur xxxxxxxx in the scandal and xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx financial auditors xx xxxx xx partnership xxxx xxx corporations which it xx xxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx grossly xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx these xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxx

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Submitted by professor simon on Mon, 2014-02-17 09:22
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unethical behaviour

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xxx xxxxxxxx can be xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx principles. The relevant laws and xxxxxxxxxxx must xx adhered xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx statements should xx xxxxxxxx xx that the information xxxxxx not be xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx parties unless with specific authority. xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx should be xxxxxxxx xxxx competence and due xxxx to xx exercised accordingly when xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx should xx met in xxxx xxxx should xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx bias xxx undue influence. xxxxxxxxx should be observed xx that they xxxxxx be honest xxx straight forward.



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xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx practiced by xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx



Unethical xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx financial xxxxxxxx

Unethical behavior in organizations xx xxxxxx experienced xx organizations in xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in organizations xxxx xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxx The behavior includes being xxxxxx in that xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx by xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx public xxxxxx companies the xxxxxxxxx statements are xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that it’x performing profitably so xxxx xx may xxxxxxx potential xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx portfolio. They may embezzle funds xxx xxxxx own xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx interest xx the xxxxxxxx xxx managers may xx under xxxxxxxx xxxx board xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx well xxxx the xxxx of losing their xxx xxxxx them xxxxxx wrongly to retain xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx analysis xxxxxxxxxx thus reporting unprofessionally

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