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Essay on Cryptographic Tunneling and the OSI Model

Cryptographic Tunneling and the OSI Model


Write a paper consisting of 500-1,000 words (double-spaced) on the security effects of cryptographic tunneling based on an understanding of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) model (Review the OSI Simulation in the Week 3 Lecture).

Provide input on the type of cryptographic tunneling protocols (e.g., L2TP, IPSEC, SSL, etc.) that may be used, the layer(s) of the OSI at which each operates, and also recommend how they may be implemented. Cryptographic tunneling is inherent in building any common virtual private network (VPN).

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Cryptographic Tunneling and the OSI Model

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Running head: xxxxxxxxxxxxx TUNNELING xxx xxx OSI xxxxx � PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx AND xxx OSI MODEL � PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx OSI Model






xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and the xxx Model

xxxxxxxxxxxxx tunneling may be defined as a method xxxx information xxx be xxxxxxxxxxx xx x secured manner from a xxxxx network to another. xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx can be passed xxxxxxx this tunnel, the information xxx to xx broken down xxxx smaller frames. Each xx xxx xxxxxx is then encrypted xxxx additional layer of encapsulation and xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxx reverts at the xxxxxx’x destination with information decryption, xxx then xx is xxxx to x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx A xxxxx example of xxxxxxxxx is xxx xxxx xxxxx stands xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx This xxxxx is xxxxxxx divided into xxxxx

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx TUNNELING AND THE xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx �1� CRYPTOGRAPHIC xxxxxxxxx AND xxx xxx MODEL xxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �2�

Cryptographic xxxxxxxxx and xxx OSI Model






Cryptographic xxxxxxxxx and the xxx Model

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx may xx defined xx x xxxxxx xxxx information can xx transmitted xx a xxxxxxx xxxxxx from x given network to xxxxxxxx In xxxx case, before information can be passed through xxxx xxxxxxx xxx information has xx be xxxxxx down into xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Each of the frames is then encrypted xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx of encapsulation and security. xxx encapsulation reverts at the xxxxxx’x destination xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx it is xxxx xx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x great example xx tunneling xx xxx OSI, which xxxxxx xxx xxxx System xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx model xx xxxxxxx divided xxxx seven

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