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Submitted by l.veronica31 on Mon, 2012-03-12 23:29
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An electric heater is rated at 1230W, a toaster is rated at 1000 W, and an electric grill is rated at 1560...

An electric heater is rated at 1230W, a toaster is rated at 1000 W, and an electric grill is rated at 1560 W. The three appliances are connected in parallel to a common 110 V circuit. Find the current the heater draws. Answer in units of A

Submitted by shahimermaid on Mon, 2012-03-12 23:52
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when the devices are connected in a parallel circuit, effective power is

body preview (19 words)

x = xx + p2+ xx

= 1230 x 1000 x 1560
x xxxx x

xxxxx x voltage x current

3790 = 110 x x

xxxxxxxx = xxxxx A

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Submitted by mainakmajumder on Tue, 2012-03-13 03:25
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here is your answer(with explanation)

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electric heater xxxxxxxxxx x
toaster draws=1000w
electric xxxxx draws=1560w

they xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx that,watt=volt*ampere
so,for xxxxxxxx heater,

xxxxxx electric heater xxxxxxxxxxx A current.

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Submitted by master mind on Fri, 2014-10-24 05:33
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body preview (328 words)

Which one xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx analysis xx NOT xxxxxxxx

All xx xxxxx are xxxx statements.

This xxxxxxxxx xx based on x firm's historical xxxxxxxxxxx

The Standard xxxxxxxxxx Classification xxxxx xxxxxx is xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx firms

It xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx each xxxxx xxxx time xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the trend is good xx bad for xxx xxxxx

Coverage ratios: xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx EBIT of xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx expense xx xxxxxxxxx xxx depreciation xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx What xx xxx xxxx coverage xxxxxx

xxxx of these

xxxxx xxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx

14.15 times




Multiples analysisx Turner xxxxx xxx debt of $230 xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx x net xxxxxx of xxxx xxxxxxx in xxx last xxxxxx xxxxx xx attempting xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx value xx the xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx identified a xxxxxxx firm xx xxxxxxx Inc., xx all-equity xxxxx This xxxx xxx 150 xxxxxxx shares xxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxx price xx $14.25, and xxx income xx $182 million. What xx the total value xx

- - - more text follows - - -

file1.doc preview (371 words)

xxxxxx FIN571 Week 2 xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx one of the following xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx analysis xx NOT correct?

xxx of xxxxx are xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx on a firm's historical performance

xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Classification xxxxx xxxxxx xx used to identify xxxxxxxxx firms

xx allows xxxxxxxxxx xx examine xxxx ratio xxxx xxxx and determine xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx is xxxx or xxx for the firm.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx has xx EBIT xx xxxxxxxxxx and interest xxxxxxx xx $611,800. Its xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx xxxx coverage ratio?

None of these

xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx times

xxxxx times

Multiples xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx debt xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx a xxx income xx xxxx million xx the xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx In xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxx total value of the xxxxx xx investor identified x similar firm xx Jacobs, xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx firm had xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx a share price of $14.25, and xxx income xx xxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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