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Submitted by mara99 on Wed, 2013-10-02 20:22
due on Sun, 2013-10-06 20:14
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Econ Homework Due 10/4 at 10 PM for Vinben

Submitted by vinben on Fri, 2013-10-04 18:41
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xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxRead/review the following xxxxxxxxx xxx this xxxxxxxxx

Chapters 18, 19, xx

Lecture 1, 2, 3

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx you practice xxxxxxxx concepts xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx models xx real-world situations.

xxxxxxxx Instructions Read the following scenarios xxx xxxxxxxx the corresponding xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx remember to xxxxxx in xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx  x am xxxxxxx for your thought process xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx questions, xx be complete xx your xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx opportunity xx xxxxxxx demonstrate xxxx newly acquired knowledge.

xxxxxxxx 1 xxxxxxxx xx needed) xxx are xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx Da Vinci xxxxxxxx sketch. xxx entice xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx bidders’ valuations of the xxxxxx in decreasing xxxxx are xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx (in millions).

If xxx xxxx a second-price xxxxxx bid xxxxxxxx xxx would xxx and xxxx would xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx

The bidder whose valuation xx $3 million xxxxx win. The

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