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Ecological Controversy

Directions: Review the webpage from PBS called “Great Wall Across the Yangtze.”  Particularly read the tabs associated with the controversy (  After you have read the PBS website further research the dam.  Then write a two page position paper: Is the Three Gorges Dam doing more good than bad?


The paper must be in proper APA format, double spaced, 12 font and  have a references section, and site at least 2 peer reviewed articles. 

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Ecological Controversy

body preview (15 words)


.Kindly attached find xxx work xxxx xxx advise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx leave xxxxxxxx


xxxxx you

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� xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx head: xxxxx GORGES DAM � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �2� THREE GORGES xxxx

xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx





xxxxx xxxxxx Dam xx the world xxxxxxx xxx xx water displacement xxx xxxxx control, and xxxx so in xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx It xx xxxxxxxxxx to xx x balance between xxx nature xxx xxxxxxxx struggle xx coexistence. The main idea xx xxxxx Gorges Dam xx to xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx growing country. It is seen xx x xxx xx xxxxxxxx the use xx xxxxxx xxxx and xxxx xx energy xxxxxxxxxx (Boxer, 2001). This is expected to reduce xxx pollution xx xxxxxx

Three xxxxxx xxx xxx benefits xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx x xxxxx source xx water xx millions of xxxxxxxxx land as well xx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx acts as xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx water xxxxxxx reservoir. xxxx xxx xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxx and people xxxxxx standards within xxx xxx xxxx improved. This

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