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Discuss the admission and charge...

Discuss the admission and charge capture

Discuss the admission and charge capture processes. Explain how these processes relate to the claim form data requirements on the UB-04.

Submitted by glangsing on Wed, 2013-08-07 01:34
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Improving Your Charge Capture Process

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The xxxxxxx cycle of x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx an xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Especially when the process is xxxxxxx efficient and measurable. Unfortunately xx many xxxxx xxx management xx xxx revenue cycle xx xxx xxxxxxx efficient or measurable. How well does xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

There are 3 major components xx xxx xxxxxxx cycle. xxxxxx capture which includes the gathering xx procedure xxx diagnosis codes. Claim xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx ensures xxx claim xx formatted with xxx correct charges and patient xxxxxxxxxxxx and sent to a clearinghouse. xxx xxxxxxx collection of xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx and patients.

Process xxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx the xxxx xx a process, xxxxxxxx In xxxxxx Garbage Out". In other xxxxxx xx you do not xxxxxxx xxx first xxxx of the xxxxxxx xxxxx the following xxxxx will not have a good xxxxxxx For this xxxxxx xx will focus this discussion xx xxx first xxxx xx xxx process,charge xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx CHARGE xxxxxxx PROCESS

xxx first xxxx xx

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