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Dante's Inferno Bibliography Good versus Evil

Part A: One of the major themes in The Inferno is the conflict between good and evil. Let’s explore what the scholarship has to say about this topic. First, review the lecture on evaluating sources and locating peer-reviewed articles. Then, go to the SUO library and in a scholarly journal find a credible, full-text, peer-reviewed article about The Inferno, preferably one that examines the story’s theme of good versus evil. Write a citation for the article that is formatted in APA style and then annotate the article.

Part B
: Now, review The Inferno, paying special attention to the opposition between fraud and God’s love in canto XXXIV, which describes the Ninth Circle of Hell. According to this canto, fraud is the worst sin possible because it is the polar opposite of God’s love. This assertion implies that the greater the contrast between human activity and God’s love, the more evil the deed. Keeping this in mind identify three additional sins from the assigned cantos. For each sin that you pick, use your knowledge of The Inferno’s architecture to determine the extent to which the sin contrasts with God’s love. List the three sins hierarchically in order of the degree of evil that the text attributes to them.

Part C: Next, in three paragraphs, justify your rankings and explain how The Inferno’s representations of these three sins develops the poem’s theme of good versus evil.

Part D: Put together in one document the texts that you developed in Part A, Part B, and Part C. Include a copy of the peer-reviewed article that you read.Remember that your claims in all parts of the assignment should be substantiated by excerpts from appropriate sources (scholarly research and/or literary texts). Quotes, paraphrase, and summary used in the assignment should be arranged according to APA rules of style, and in-text and reference citations should be provided, also formatted in APA style. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the post.

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Dante's Inferno Bibliography Good versus Evil

body preview (341 words)

Dante's xxxxxxx Bibliography Good versus Evil

xxxx Ax One xx xxx major themes in xxx xxxxxxx is xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx and evil. xxxxxxx explore what xxx xxxxxxxxxxx has to xxx xxxxx xxxx topic. First, review xxx lecture xx evaluating xxxxxxx xxx locating peer-reviewed articles. Then, go to the SUO library xxx in x scholarly xxxxxxx xxxx a credible, full-text, xxxxxxxxxxxxx article about The Inferno, xxxxxxxxxx one xxxx examines the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx Write a xxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx that is formatted xx xxx style xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx the article.

Part B
: xxxx xxxxxx xxx Inferno, paying xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxxx between xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx love in xxxxx XXXIV, xxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx to this xxxxxx fraud is xxx worst sin xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx is the xxxxx opposite xx xxxxxxx love. This xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx the greater xxx contrast xxxxxxx human activity xxx xxxxxxx love, xxx xxxx xxxx xxx deed. Keeping xxxx in xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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xxxxx xxxxx


xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx article, the Inferno is xxxxxxx by Dante xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x vivid view xx xxx hell. xxxx his master Virgil, xxxx take x journey xxx xxxxxxxxxx most xxx main xxxxx Quoting Dante et xxx (2009), xxxxx is x xxxxx deal of tension xxx contrast between “dark” xxx “xxxxx”. xxx xxxxxxx helps xx xx explore xxxxx’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxx His xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx sinful darkness show xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx life since he nevertheless xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx Virgil xx dive into xxxxxxxx Hell.

xxxxx’s inferno xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx taxonomy of xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx as the xxxx source xx xxxx and evil. xxx plot xxxxxxxx a distinct xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx the mind –xxxxxxxx xxxx as xxxxxxxx in its objectivity and intensity. xxxx are xxxx xx create a division between God and human xxx xx different

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