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cultural heritage

How can better understanding our collective cultural heritage and shared humanity across time and geographic place help us to be better stewards of a global future? What role or roles do you believe understanding cultural differences across time and throughout the world plays outside academia, if any? Support your response with specific examples or details.

Submitted by Unicew on Sat, 2012-07-07 03:18
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Cultural Heritage

body preview (80 words)

x good xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx diversity xx xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx which is xxxxxx will xxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxx future. In order xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx understanding of xxxx xxxxxx culture, it is xxxxxxxxx xx tolerate and xxxxxxx xxxx others xxxxxxxx believes xxx xxxxxxxxxx Tolerance xxxx help xx xxxxxxx harmony xxxxxxx every xxxxxx xx xxx society xxxx xxxx x sense of xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx believes. xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx has been xxxxxx xx an xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx development

file1.doc preview (345 words)

xxxxxxxx Surname Here xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx �1�






xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

A xxxx understanding xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx which xx xxxxxx will help to enhance xxxxxx future. In order to xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx understanding of xxxx others xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx to tolerate xxx promote each xxxxxx xxxxxxxx believes and practices. xxxxxxxxx xxxx help to xxxxxxx harmony because every person in the society xxxx feel x xxxxx xx appreciation and xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxx time, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx proved as an important resource for social xxx xxxxxxxx development. Economic opportunities xxx be realized xxxxxxx preservation of cultural assets. xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx promoting xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx job creation xxx even promotion xx tourism. xxxxxxxx heritage can also xxxxxxx xxxxxx development. This xxx xx xxxxxxxx through xxxxxxxxxx awareness and identity among communities so xx xx xxxxxxx social empowerment xxx mobilization (Hoffman 56).

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx differences across the xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx across xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx appreciation xxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx building among xxxxxxx xxxxxx from any xxxxxxx can engage xx xxxxxx

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