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Submitted by cveka9 on Sun, 2012-04-29 17:04
due on Thu, 2012-05-03 17:02
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Could you explain to me Pythagoras' theorem about triangles with a 90degrees angle and why is it used?

Submitted by SHIR15 on Sun, 2012-04-29 18:38
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xxx Pythagorean xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is x relationship xxxxxxx the xxxxx of a right angle (90 degree) xxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxxxx as an xxxxxxxxx

xx x b2 = xx

Where xx b xxx x are xxx xxxxx of a xxxxxxxxx c being xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xx degree angle. It xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx side in x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx known as a hypotenuse. xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx and "b", are known as xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxx Angle xxxxxxxx

See all 6 xxxxxx

xxx xxxxx angle xx denoted by the xxxxxx shape in xxx angle C.

Angles A and x xxx acute angles x their values are xxxx xxxx xx degrees.

xx contrast, xxxxxx angles are xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx 90 degrees. There xxx no obtuse xxxxxx in right angle triangles.

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx more xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx are quite x xxx uses xxx xxx Pythagorean xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx have some common uses xxxx the xxxxxxxx xx also comes useful in some physics xxxxxxxxx like vectors xx

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