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Cost of capital

Assignment 1: Cost of capital

Prepare a report on the different considerations that an MNC should keep in mind when obtaining capital from a foreign source. In this report, you must outline and evaluate two possible methods for determining cost of capital. What is the likely impact of these financing methods on the company's balance sheet? To present your report, create a scenario depicting a leading steel company seeking foreign capital to expand its overseas operations and exports.

Describe your rationale for selecting the two methods.

Your report should be well researched—original and free from plagiarism.  submit the report as a Microsoft Word document, not exceeding three pages, double-spaced, in Arial 12 pt font.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Identified the considerations when financing from a foreign source

Identified two methods of evaluating cost of capital

Analyzed the impact of each method on the company's balance sheet

Developed the scenario with appropriate company and industry information


Assignment 2: Discussion Question

Select one payment method and explain benefits and pitfalls of using it with the foreign partner you have just started exporting to. Your response should be 3-5 paragraphs long.



Submitted by Proteach on Mon, 2012-10-15 12:43
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Assignment 1

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xxxxxxx head: COST xx CAPITAL 1 COST OF xxxxxxxxxxxxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx of Capital



xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxx is x xx based xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and has xxxxxxxxxx xx India, Thailand, xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Coast, South xxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx It xx xxx of xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx and xx going xxx xxx xxxxxxx market for xxxxxxxxx xxx its xxxxxxxxx xx export and xxxxxxxxxx It has chosen China to xxxxx money for xxx xxx project. China xxx good xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and it xx x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx in recent years xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 2012). xxxxx Steel xxx xxxxxxx to xxxxx $450 xxxxxxx xxxx the China financial xxxxxxx There xxx xxx methods of xxxxxxx the financing for

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Submitted by Proteach on Sun, 2012-10-14 01:09
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assignment 2

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx PAYMENT � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx of xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxx


Method xx xxxxxxxx

There are various payment methods are xxxxxxxxx xx take the payment xx xxxxxxxx goods xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx sales. xx is xxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx most secure xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx who xx purchasing the goods is xxx and carries no past relationship xx trust. Few methods xxx collecting xxx payment are: advance xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx consignment sales xxx open account. xx case xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the risk xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx is higher xxxxx letter of xxxxxx xx one xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx way xx payment. xxxxxx of xxxxxx guaranteed payment xx xxx

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