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  •   In text citations, references, speaker notes of 250 words, 4 slides, not counting the first page and not counting the reference page
  • Finalize your presentation with a few additional slides on the following topics:
  • 1. How does the HR department support the organization’s competitiveness by maintaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce?

In R2.  In Reviewing the internal processes of this HR department, identify and discuss at least 3 strategic changes that you would recommend to improve the performance of the department.


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xxxxx xxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT

STAFFING xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx Function Role xx HR xx xxxxxxxx Management HRM xxxxxxxxx and Staffing xxxxxxxxxxx

The managerial function xx staffing involves manning xxx organization structure through xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx selection, appraisal and xxxxxxxxxxx of the personnel’s xx xxxx the roles xxxxxxxx xx the employers/workforce. xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is xxx most important managerial xxx along with xxxxxxxxx organizing, directing xxx controlling. The xxxxxxxxxx of these four functions xxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx is available xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx function. Human resources xxx be xxxxxxxxxxx managed xx a xxxxxx xx proper procedure, that xxx recruitment, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx training xxx development, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx an organization's most xxxxxxxxx resource, xxxxxxx people xxxxxx create xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xx both xxxxxxxx xxx service. xx addition, an organization must respond xx change xxxxxxxxxxx xx

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xxxxx RESOURCES Human xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx HUMAN xxxxxxxxxx

Support by xx Department Human xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx department xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx appraisal of the employees xxxxxx the organization. xxx employees are provided xxxxxx level of training. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for the employees xxx xxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxx resource department. HR xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx engaged in carrying out interview processes xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxx candidates

Motivation Human Resources 3 Various xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx are xxxx xx xx department. Monetary xxxxxxxx are provided xx the employees in the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx to xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xx the top xxxxxxxxxx for making xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Employees are also given xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx level xx performance. xxxxxx are xxxxx xx the employees xxx xxxxxxxxx their xxxxxxxxxxx level in xxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Resources xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx training programs. Updating xxx xxxxxxxxxx Job xxxxxxxxx Job xxxxxxxxxx Job Aids

xxxxxxxxx Changes xx Improve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Resources 5 Discussion with xxxxxxxxx xx regular xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx and working accordingly. xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and salary xx be paid to the employees.

References Human Resources xxxxxxxxxxxxxx S. (2005). Human xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx A.S. & xxxxxxxxxx W.G. xxxxxxx

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